Art Deco Ceramic Masks and Figurines: Goldscheider, Germany, Austria, Vienna, Czech, Porcelain

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Art Deco Mask

Art Deco Ceramic Mask

Item #1292

A lyrical, beautiful mask in the Goldscheider tradition but without a signature. The sweeping, undulating fabric frames a beautiful face. The original style number 1134 is printed on the reverse. It also bears the faint word eramia , but no country of origin. It may be that the word was "keramia", the Austrian/Hungarian word for ceramics. And that would place its manufacture in that part of the world with a fabrication date in the early 1930s

Art Deco Mask Art Deco Mask Goldscheider

Wonderful Terra-Cotta Mask Art Deco Czech like Goldscheider

Item #1250

These 3 dimensional masks do not come up very often. Made in the Austrian tradition like Goldscheider, it is not marked. After, many years of working with these masks, we have learned that great pieces were also made in Czechoslovakia and Germany during the same period. I am guessing that this piece is from the Czech Republic, even though the quality, finish and colors are very similar to those associated with Goldscheider. What is particularly great about this piece in addition to her beautiful face, she has a stylized deco hat and wonderful hands. Again, these 3 dimensional pieces are much more rare then the typical head/masks you normally see. The back has incised numbers: 1190, so this must be a model number of sorts. Has the nice rich blue and orange typical colors from this Austrian palette. Here is a chance to own a truly remarkable mask, that is quite rare.

art deco Ceramic Head Figure

Czech Ceramic Head Figure

Item #392

Nice ceramic head figurine, not signed but purchased in Czech Republic, so it was probably done prior to World War ll. Very similar to Goldscheider glaze and quality.

art deco Mask

Czech Terra-Cotta Mask

Item #241

Czech terra-cotta mask, woman with round mouth


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