Boch Freres Ceramics: Charles Catteau, Vases, Cloisonne, Belgian, Modernist

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Catteau Vase

Important Boch Freres stylized Ceramic Catteau Vase

Item #1849

This is a wonderful Catteau Vase, rather lyrical design, in simple modernist color scheme. Made by the famous company Boch Freres of Belgium during the period of Charles Catteau, design director and creative genius behind the companies most successful commercial decorative period. This beautiful desgin is not seen often and has been featured in many books and articles on Catteau pottery.

art deco Vase

Charles Catteau Octagon Stepped Art Deco Vase

Item #1623

Have you ever seen anything quite like this? Dynamic stepped up design, fabulous Deco detailing...and a series of small holes that can be perceived as just a part of the pattern...but then I I would love to see what creative arrangement a florist could make with this vase , by filling the tiny holes with branches, greens and flowers. Rendered in a beautiful matte finish with alternating solid and patterned panels , this is one of the most unusual shapes in our Boch Belgian Pottery Collection.

Art Deco Vase

Charles Catteau "La Louviere" Hexagon Vase

Item #1622

Sometimes you just want to flip a vase over and check the bottom markings first! This one has wonderful signature and imprint that show it to be the work of Boch Pottery's chief designer and art director Charles Catteau during the "La Louviere" (the wolf) period of the 1920s. The name Keramis simply means "Ceramics" but the elegant script that spells out the name Ch. Catteau makes this piece one of exceptional value and style. The shape is quite unique, and the stepped up Deco design gives it extra dimension. This has the prized matte finish that is actually more rare than the highly glazed pieces.

Boch Freres Modernist bowls

Pair of Matching of Boch Freres Modernist Centerpiece bowls

Item #1280

Here is a classic modernist pedesta bowl by Boch. This is a wonderful design with all the earmarking of a very collectible piece. The piece has an austere turquoise and or chartreuse crackle finish, speed lines and stepped ridges all the way around. I am sure these solid color pieces will become the next very important collectible designs that were all developed under the tenure of Charles Catteau for the Boch factory.

Boch Frères Cloisonné Vase

Boch Frères Floral Cloisonné Vase

Item #1124

Here's a beautiful and large floral inspired Boch Frères cloisonné vase circa 1930s. The rim and the base of the vase are glazed a deep blue while the cloisonné treatment of the body enhances the vibrancy of and distinction between the colors. The back vertical bands with the aqua, blue and butterscotch vertical wave motif serve to frame the colorful floral design (colors of blue, turquoise, tan, light green, cream, white and red!) as well as optically elongate the vase. This large vase would make a stunning statement as a centerpiece or anywhere else in your home.

art deco Boch Vase

Rare Back and Gold Iridescent Boch Vase

Item #991

An extremely rare Boch piece. This is certainly a collectors piece, maybe the only one known to have been made in this color and size. The glaze is a rich shiny black with a gold iridescent haze spun deep into the color and finish. The piece stands 20" tall, a curiosity for sure, but commands the attention of not only a classic Boch shape, but also has a very modern point of view. Most likely produced between 1925-1930 under the leadership of Charles Catteau. Certainly completed during this great period of Boch Belgian pottery. This piece I believe is in a category all alone. Hopefully will find its way into the right collection.

art deco boch keramis vase

Stunning Keramis Pottery Vase

Item #883

This stunning piece of Boch pottery, with a decidedly organic look, is painted in blue and green, and has a lovely matte finish. Made in Belgium and signed Boch Freres/Keramis. 10.75" tall x 6.75" diameter at the opening.

art deco catteau deco vase

Catteau Rocket Vase

Item #882

This superb vase has a rocket shape, and is designed with a deco pattern in orange, yellow, and black which compliment this large and unusal piece. Made in Belgium and signed CT on the bottom (Charles Catteau).

art deco boch freres powder dish

Boch Freres Powder Dish

Item #873

A lovely decorative powder dish by Boch Freres. Made in Belgium and stamped Boch.

art deco boch freres vase

Pink and Blue Boch Keramis Vase

Item #872

A Boch Freres vase, painted in pink and blue, and glazed to give it an enameled appearance. Made in Belgium and signed Keramis.

art deco catteau plate/bowl

Catteau Boch Keramis Plate/Bowl

Item #854

A Catteau plate/bowl, circa 1920's. Made in Belgium and signed Charles Catteau/Boch Keramis.

art deco keramis vase

Signed Keramis Floral Vase

Item #853

A large Boch Freres vase featuring two parrots in a floral design against a grey ground. Made in Belgium, and signed Keramis.

boch art deco vase

Boch Chevron Vase

Item #825

Another stunning example of Boch pottery. The chevron design is emphasized in royal blue and turquoise, giving the vase a very unique look.

boch art deco vase

Boch Art Deco Vase

Item #824

This beautiful vase, by Boch pottery, features a deco motif in orange, black, and pale green.

Boch Modernist Vase

Boch Modernist Vase

Item #344

Here is a classic modernist shape by Boch. This is a wonderful design with all the earmarking of a very collectible piece. The piece has an austere cream crackle finish, speed lines on the sides and stepped handles. I am sure these solid color pieces will become the next very important collectible designs that were all developed under the tenure of Catteau for the Boch factory.


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