French Art Deco Clocks for sale: Including Jaz, Marti, ATO, and Herman Miller

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Modernist Wind up Clock

Modernist Wind up Clock Art Deco

Item #1850

Beautiful simple design in Art Deco style. This wonderful clock has a lot of cool things working (and is in working order). This high quality movement, with key wind is built to last. The clock has a round mirror shape, with zig zag motif and stylized Art Deco face/numbers. Also, a nice feature is the Macassar wood and metal stepped base. Would look great on your mantle or desk (return).

Art Deco Marble Clock

Important French Art Deco Marble Clock with Gilt Bronze Details

Item #1843

Huge Original French Art Deco marble clock with pendulum and matching garnitures or side pieces, Circa 1925. This is an especially high quality example with artist signed (G. Mourac) gilt bronze relief panels and marble is a stunning rouge color. The panels depict a stylized woman (on the left) and man (on the right) in symmetrical poses, both kneeling under a tree. The clock and the area above it are also also gilt bronze with lots of nice floral details continuing the tree and leaf motif. Beautiful stylized Art Deco numerals on the face of the clock. Typical French clock with key wind.

Art Deco Thermometer

French Art Deco round Thermometer with porthole design

Item #1761

Here is a wonderful Thermorex thermometer in a very cool design. Round copper and black lacquer finish. Great condition. Reading in centigrade, but would make a nice office/desk addition. Cool art deco designs like this to do come around often, so please take a good look before its gone. Made by Thermorex, a company that has been around for generations making state-of-the-art bimetallic thermostats and other related products.

Art Deco Thermometer

Art Deco Copper Plated Square Thermometer French

Item #1759

Very cool Art Deco Thermometer, ready to use, ever for the hottest days. This wonderful French piece in original copper finish is in great shape. The white dial with very stylized deco numbers reading centigrade for "red" for very cold to "black" for normal. A handsome Art Deco piece made by Thermorex!

Stunning Awesome Modernist English High Art Deco Clock

Item #1673

A very very rare English wall mounted pivoting 8 day clock with a mirror finish red and black lacquer dial with chrome triangle markers and chrome hands. This stunning piece mounts in a heavy chrome frame that fixes to the wall. Very high quality English 8 day platform escapement movement which has been fully serviced and overhauled and is in perfect working order.

Art Deco clock

French original Art Deco ATO wooden clock with battery

Item #1589

This is a wonderful wooden mantle or desk clock with great marquetry. These early ATO clocks were very stylized and quite innovative. These are all original battery operated clocks. I have had many over the years, these are NOT digital quartz clock, but original vintage movements. This one has been slightly adapted (and improved I must say), to accommodate the battery in a separate holder that clips on to the original movement mechanism. I have tested it now for months and it works great. I like it. I also like the beautiful wood treatment on this piece, where most of the other ATO clocks I've had, tend to be more streamline and glass.

Art Deco clock

Paul Ditisheim Celluloid Travel clock

Item #1500

Amazing travel clock and amazing to find something like this with no damage to the celluloid case, although it has shrunk slightly and leaves a little gap when closed. A Ditisheim celluloid cased travel clock in perfect condition. All metal parts are gold plated brass and in perfect condition, lovely gold engine turned dial with pierced breguet hands and luminous deco numerals. Movement has just been fully cleaned and serviced so is in perfect working order and keeping good time

Art Deco clock

Buren Art Deco Modernist Clock

Item #1499

Outstanding Art Deco clock, fully serviced.Swiss 8 day clock by Buren, this is a really stylish and high quality clock and it's in superb original condition . Great dial with raised deco numerals and blued steel deco hands, all the chrome plating is in fantastic condition, 1/4" thick green glass is in perfect condition as well . 8 Day Buren 900 Cal. movement is in perfect working order and keeping good time Great quality nickeled bronze, (comes with orignal key wind, like a mantle clock).

Art Deco clock Art Deco clock

Fabulous High quality unique French Art Deco clock

Item #1471

This really is a fabulous Art Deco clock, the like of which I've never seen before and I've had literally hundreds of Art Deco clocks through my hands over the years. I would imagine it must have been a special order from a very high end shop to be given as a special Birthday , Anniversary or Wedding gift. It's totally original and very high quality throughout and beautifully made, all metal parts are gilt bronze and are all in perfect condition with no damages or repairs.

he dial is a piece of 1/4" thick glass which has been reverse acid etched with various good luck charm icons which have been filled with gilt , it's incredibly well executed with all the figures being very sharp and well defined. Has a mirrored circle in the centre and a beautiful gilt bronze pierced chapter ring with very stylized deco numerals and gilt baton hands ... All in perfect condition totally free from any damages or repairs.

Movement is a high end French platform escapement 8 day movement which is very rare to find in this size, it's in perfect working order and keeping good time. This is a great clock, don't miss it !!  

modernist clock

French Deco Modernist Clock

Item #940

French Deco Modernist clock. All peach glass and chromed bronze , the dial is 1/4" thick with a great combination of varying surface finishes, acid etched, mirrored, sandblasted and silvered. The base is heavy 1" thick piece and both pieces of glass are in perfect condition free from any damages or repair. Chrome on bronze semi circular support pieces and pierced dagger hands all in perfect condition, there is some light wear to the chrome on the rear cover. The movement has been serviced.

Art Deco clock

French Deco Clock with Garniture

Item #661

A gorgeous French clock with garniture to match, circa 1920's. Made of pink and green marble with decorative nickled-bronze. These pieces are exquisitely crafted, and would be a beautiful addition to your home.

Art Deco clock

Moderne Vitriolite Clock

Item #172

Beautiful Black Glass (vitrolite) moderne clock with 8 day movement. This beautiful acid etched glass clock with chrome accents stands 11" T X 8.5"W. The clock has been serviced and restored

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