Art Deco Cocktail Items including: Cocktail Shakers, Ice Buckets, Flasks, Decanters, Tumblers, and Drinking Glasses

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Art Deco Tantalus

French Art Deco Tantalus liquor Cabinet in Macassar

Item #1841

After many years of buying and selling Art Deco objects, finally, I've found the most spectacular cocktail tableware piece ever. This fantastic Art Deco Tantalus in solid Macassar Ebony and chrome plated bronze with lead crystal decanters, fully restored new lacquer and all metal parts freshly re-chromed. Lock works perfectly and comes with original key! The details are amazing, everything is of the highest quality and a truly amazing piece, something you can add to what could become one of your prize possessions.

skyscraper Cocktail Shaker

Vintage Manhattan Skyscraper Cocktail Shaker Norman Bel Geddes

Item #1830

Up for Auction, by Norman Bel Geddes American 1893 to 1958 Manufacturer: Revere Copper and Brass Company, founded 1928. This Skyscraper Cocktail Shaker is Chrome-plated metal, manufactured: Rome, New York, United States, designed 1934. Manufactured 1935. Markings: Stamped on underside of base of shaker (a): "Revere / ROME / N.Y." Cocktail shaker, chromed metal, tall, thin cylinder decorated with eight vertical ribs with strainer: inserted into shaker and fitting under the lid with flat, circular bottom with perforated strainer, surmounted by a thin cylinder, open above and a lid being a : simple short cylinder finished and decorated like shaker. Condition: Remarkable condition showing very minor wear and scratches to plating

English Cocktail Shaker

The Thirst Extinguisher English Cocktail Shaker

Item #1829

A very rare large silver-plated English cocktail shaker in the form of a 1930's fire extinguisher, the base turning to reveal recipes for 8 different cocktails. Newly restored in a like new condition. English hallmarks on the bottom, circa 1930's. A very unusual novelty cocktail shaker originally introduced by Asprey. Great item for cocktail shaker collector!

French Ghiso Cocktail Shaker

French Ghiso Cocktail Shaker w/recipes Vintage

Item #1827

A Very interesting, complete and very rare French Ghiso cocktail shaker. Made in France for the export market in the early 1930's. The information for 24 different recipes is all in Spanish (or mostly). The condition is excellent, newly restored chromed brass with glass insert. Stamped The Barman on the bottom and also on one of the top latches. So the way it works is simple, open the top, put in your ingredients, stir it up using the spoon provided and then pour it out using the lip from the retained top. It all comes apart for easy cleaning and the condition of all the graphic writings are perfectly intact.

Modernist cocktail shaker

Extremely rare Modernist cocktail shaker set by Bernard Rice "Shadow" Circa 1922

Item #1752

I have never seen this set before. Occasionally, a cup shows up, but this is a very rare and complete set. It is marked "Shadow" by Bernard Rice & Sons. Made in their Apollo studio of New York, a division of Bernard Rice's & Sons, Items with the Apollo stamp were made between 1920-1922. This is EPNS (silver-plate). Another important cocktail set made about the same time was called the "Skyscraper" set, probably made at the same studio. This is a very important set in great original condition, very early modernist design!

Art Deco Cocktail set

Unusual French Art Deco etched Glass Decanter Cocktail set

Item #1696

This is really an unusual decanter set. Black opaque glass top and footed base for decanter and glasses. Nice matching intersecting triangles connect the decanter and the glass. I've never seen one quite like this. Also original label still intact, possibly the shop where it was originally purchased. Obviously hardly used. The glass color has a light slight baby pink color. Totally original, no restoration!

Art Deco champagne holder

Nice WMF German wine/champagne holder

Item #1559

This wonderful newly chromed WMF wine/Champagne bucket is sharp and stylish. Just newly excellent restored condition. The ebony wood handles securely allow you to handle this little pleasure either filled or empty. Great signature on the bottom, circa 1930's. Also, notice the nice ribbed edge around the top of the metalwork. Works for me.

Art Deco Champagne Ice Bucket

Outstanding Mappin & Webb English Silver-plate Art Deco Champagne Ice Bucket

Item #1311

Presented here is a stunning example of Moderne Art Deco design executed in a quality that is very rare not only today but even during the Art Deco period. This is a very heavy triple silver-plate ribbed design (very 3 dimensional) bucket made in England around 1930. Certainly comparable to Tiffany or International Silver. Mappin and Webb is a company originally founded in Sheffield, England. The company is a noted firm of Silversmiths and formerly cutlery manufactures with roots back to 1774 when Joseph Mappin (snr) founded the firm. The company is now a retail jeweler, and Royal Warrant holder. The Firm was taken over by Asprey & Co. in the 1980s, but was sold later. The company is now a brand owned by the Jewelers Goldsmiths group.

Art Deco Decanter

1930s Czech Art Deco Petite Crystal Decanter Pair

Item #1135

Behold a perfect pair of 1930s Czech Art Deco crystal decanters with silvered rims and multi-faceted stoppers. The decanters have been etched and engraved with geometric motif and are further highlighted with with deco streamlines and contrasting black lacquer details. These rare petite decanters are perfectly sized for precious liquors or would be ideal to hold perfumes or splashes.

Art Deco Crystal Decanter 1930s Czech Art Deco Crystal Decanter Set • 8 Pieces

1930s Czech Art Deco Crystal Decanter Set 8 Pieces

Item #1134

Sherry? Port? Cognac? Whatever you choose, it will be served with serious style from this rare 1930s Czech Art Deco crystal decanter. The decanter and the six delightful, petite glasses feature beautifully cut facets and striking black geometric details. The hefty crystal stopper boasts 12 facets.

Art Deco Punchbowl Set 1930s Punchbowl Set 1930s Czech Art Deco Punchbowl Set

1930s Czech Art Deco Punchbowl Set

Item #1088

First, let me say this. Wow! This is a rare find to say the least. A gorgeous 1930s Czech glass covered punchbowl set with a stunning silver-plate and bakelite ladle, a silver-plate topper, 4 equally stunning glasses and it's all in pristine condition. The generously sized punchbowl and hefty glasses feature an unusual and beautiful oval faceted design with acid-etched and hand-painted details in the most coveted of colors (black and red). Just imagine serving punch to your guests from this spectacular Art Deco punchbowl set at your next gathering.

Art Deco Pitcher

1930s Silver-plate Pitcher • Meriden Company

Item #1037

Just picture this pitcher on your table! This charming silver-plate pitcher has been beautifully and artistically designed with a floral motif of blooming roses on the vine. The neck and handle of the pitcher feature a tight ribbed design and the rim possesses an almost "pleated" appearance. It is assuredly a most elegant vessel from which to serve a refreshing pour for your esteemed guests. It is stamped "Meriden Company" and "Quadruple Plate"

Art Deco  Ice Bucket 

Silverplate Petite Ice Bucket

Item #1007

The is a terrific example of how a common object (the ice-bucket) was transformed into a work of art. Made in Argentina in the 1930s, this beautiful and petite silver-plated ice bucket displays several classic Art Deco motifs. From the practical yet architectural handles, to the trio of circumferent streamlines, to the petal-inspired octagonal fluted mouth of the bucket - this ice-bucket is anything BUT common-place.

Art Deco Ice Bucket 

Personal Octagonal Ice Bucket with Handle and Reservoir

Item #973

A truly diminutive (3-1/4" Tall X 3" Wide) personal-sized ice bucket that may be small in stature however it is certainly big in style and practicality. This silver-plated eight-sided mini bucket features an Art Deco design that is both geometrical and floral. Additionally it boasts a practical reservoir (to keep the ice cubes from sitting in water) and a charming carrying handle. The bottom is signed "Industria Artestria".

Art Deco glass decanter set 

Yellow Czech Glass Decanter Set

Item #517

Czech decanter Yellow decanter and six glasses. Unusual acid etched treatment. Very heavy Decanter

Art Deco Pitcher/Jug  

Christofle Gallia Pitcher/Jug

Item #381

Pitcher/jug by Christofle production "Gallia". Shaped like a little like a ship. With wood handle, the silver-plate has just been redone. In perfect condition

Art Deco Pitcher and Glasses  

Art Deco Pitcher and Glasses

Item #015

Beautiful copper plated, lined in silvered'tin. This dramatic Art Deco pitcher and 4 matching glasses. Excellent condition.


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