Art Deco Statues for Sale: French, Bronze, Marble, Le Verrier, Le Faguays, Hugonnet, Limousin, Lorraine, Nancy

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Art Deco Clock

Art Deco Clock with cold painted Bronze Birds, circa 1930's

Item #1882

Here is a handsome clock that is extremely rare. Its go so much going on. Great marble, bronze birds, signed on the base of the bronze bird and also a manufacture's signature on the back of the marble. But, look at the colors of the birds with the the highly stylized matching enamel paint on the sides, top and back Very similar to dinanderie. I think the back is as beautiful as the front. This is a piece that certainly should have a mirror behind it. Brass key wind, 8 day movement, recently serviced. Keeps good time. A stunning mantle, desk or console piece for sure. Quite unusual.

Clarte statue

Art Deco Light Statue by Max Le Verrier called Clarte

Item #1879

We are pleased to present for your consideration, this beautiful, signed and original, rare statue designed in 1928 by the famous French artist, Max Le Verrier. He is one of the a greatest sculptors of the ART DECO era. The sculpture offered here is his most renown creation. This famous piece is named "Clarté" the nude lady lamp which came in 4 sizes - the largest being life sized (The large one can be seen at the Lutetia Hotel lobby in Paris). This one stands approximately 33.5" T to the head and 36" T to the original top of the "brain glass" It is the largest example we have ever had here in the United States. Also, she is standing on the original triple stepped portoro marble base. This is an original piece not a later reproduction or copy: The piece has a verde green patination finish on petite bronze metal. Completed in a quality rarely found in this kind of production. It is in immaculate condition, with original cloth wire chord, switch and plug.

Squirrels bookends

Polar Bears Bookends Art Deco Design

Item #1863

No reason to keep these guys frozen in the Arctic anymore. Nice metal Art Deco Polar Bears bookends, French circa 1930's. Both with original marble bases.

Squirrels bookends

Squirrels bookends metal Art Deco

Item #1862

Just like mother nature intended. These little squirrels are munching away on a little acorn. Both with the big bushy tails you expect to see, both on nice marble bases. Signed on the statue Ledule, Metal and original French Style circa 1930's.

Elephants Bookends

Chrome Plated Elephants Bookends French Art Deco

Item #1861

Fun pair of Happy Elephants bookends. Rather cubist shape on a nice marble base. These little ones are sitting up straight ready to serve the most astute reading needs!

cat Bookends

Cubist Cats Bookends French 1930's

Item #1858

Very interesting cubist style cat bookends. Nice Nickel finished over metal with a stoic posture, overlooking your world. Made in France circa 1930's with nice marble base.

Squirrel Bookends

Squirrel Bookends French circa 1930's

Item #1857

Very realistic country squirrels in a natural posture eating nuts. Nice petite bronze quality squirrel bookends on marble base. Beautiful original patina. Bookends, made in France.

Pheasant statue

Bouraine Pheasant statue with cold painted bronze details

Item #1848

Great example of Art Deco Statue by Marcel Bouraine, cold painted bronze/enamel of stylized deco Pheasant. Original marble with Bouraine signature on the right corner.. Great patina with silvered detail, echoes of geometric, triangular stylized modernist design.


Art Deco Statue

Bronze Art Deco Nude Dancer Statue by Austrian Artist Josef Lorenzl

Item #1820

This beautiful art deco statue is by Josef or Joseph Lorenzl who is one of the most collected, popular and prolific sculptors known during the Art Deco period. His work is very high quality and synonymous with the style we attribute to and so specifically call Art Deco. This piece particularly has quite a unique posture, showing the nude ballet dancer in motion. This is a wonderful example of the artist's work, it is bronze, the style is fluid, the finger, hands and feet have incredible detail, as does the hair and her lovely face. The is a very graceful Art Deco lady and certainly would look stunning in your proper place. Maybe best known for the scarf dancer, but he has executed many stylized bronzes, represented in just about every book on Art Deco. He also is well known for his work in ceramic for the Goldscheider company. This piece was recently released from a personal collection kept for over 25 years.

Art Deco Statue

Art Deco Statue French Woman with greyhounds signed Geo Maxim

Item #1784

A wonderful Art Deco statue with a stunning exotic two-tone marble base. Beautiful condition, re-silvered petite bronze metal. A young classic woman running with hair and dress flowing. She is leading two collard streamline greyhound dogs. Great movement and details throughout, from her flowing hair, dress and even the faces on the dogs. A substantial piece we have the pleasure offering. This piece is signed, Geo Maxim, artist working in Paris circa 1930′s

art deco Toy Airplane

Original French Toy Airplane with box circa 1930's, great aviation!

Item #1745

This wonderful Airplane or called Gyroplane made in France is in very good condition. Nice nickel plating with some tarnishing to the nickel plating on the Gyroscope. The box is not perfect, but is intact with instructions and all parts are complete. During this great period of aviation, toys like these were produced but few survive in this remarkable condition.

Model plane Art Deco

Original French Wood and Chrome Model plane Art Deco period 1930's

Item #1727

Very original wooden and chrome model of a four engined plane, it's a good looking piece with lots of nice details. Fuselage and engines are carved from solid Walnut with chrome propellers , it's in very good condition, stands on a metal chrome supported by a stylized landscape of wooden clouds.

Bronze statue by J. Lorimer

Large French Bronze by J. Lorimer circa 1930's

Item #1715

A large and superb French Art Deco Bronze depicting kneeling nude young girl figure with her Borzoi dog by J.Lormier. Modeled as the young girl knelt down petting her dog, beautifully sculpted and cast in Bronze with a silvered and cold painted finish. Beautiful sharp details to the face, geometric bobbed hair and hands displaying the work of a highly skilled sculptor. On a large stepped Portoro Nero marble base which has some slight nibbling on the corners but of fabulous quality.We have had other works by this important French artist, check out other statues on our site item #1478.

Art Deco Warrior statue by Kowatz

Bronze male Art Deco Warrior statue by Kowatz

Item #1678

Being offered is a wonderful statue of a warrior with shield and sword. Appears to have been won in a "challenge" or given as gift to someone named Bernard Delbecque, French or Belgian (bronze plaque on the front). The statue is artist signed by Kowatz, a sculptor from the Art Deco period who was known in France. The figure is certainly in the style depicting the figural male athletes and or warrior figures that might have been done between the two world wars and the European Olympics. This was a very prolific time for muscular men of mythic proportions. The piece sits boldly on a an original black Belgian marble base and is in excellent original condition. Artist paid great attention to the detail: please look at the feet and hands.

Art Deco Diana and Antelope statue Art Deco Huntress and Antelope statue

Spectacular Art Deco Diana Huntress and Leaping Antelope by Le Verrier Demarco

Item #1571

Presented here is one of the finest sculptures we have had to date. It is the epitomy of great Art Deco design, showing all the signs of a classic, both in style, quality and presence. This is Diana the Huntress, a theme often repeated in Art Deco folklore. What makes this piece so great: It has the style, the size and all the elements. First, the quality is great, brass metal with special green patina, very heavy and all well made. Secondly, the movement of the pieces shows the elegance of what we understand as style, substance equalling Art Deco. Diana is in a wonderful pose, one leg up with the most fluid bow shape I've seen on a sculpture. As she effortlessly shoots the leaping Antelope, whose antlers also grace and compliment the angled stepped concrete cast base.

The designer, most likely is Max Le Verrier, it is from the foundry where he was so famous for creating the epic Art Deco sculptures now associated with this great Art Deco period in France. Circa 1930's. The base was made by the artist "Demarco" who was known for producing these kind of bases and also as artist in his own right working with this kind of material.

Art Deco Running Male with Dogs statue

French Art Deco Running Male with Dogs on the hunt by Valderi

Item #1570

The running man with Borzoi dogs, the movement of the man and dogs reminiscent of the great male statue known by Jean de Roncourt. This one is signed L. Valderi on the base, an artist also known for this kind of work. Fabulous piece in the spirt of so many strong men and the Diana statues created and see during this prolific Art Deco period of strength and movement. Circa 1930 cast metal with a bronze patina in excellent condition and one of the finest two-tiered portoro marble with green marble inlay.

Art Deco nude statue Art Deco nude statue

Original Art Deco nude in marble by Joe Descomps

Item #1544

This stunning all original statue made of pure white marble, shows so much grace, talent and sophistication. The Art Deco beauty is rendered by the hands of a master: Joe Descomps whose worked is extremely sought after, often imitated and copied. He is well known for Bronze statues and working with ivory as well. The nice thing about owning a real marble statue, there is only one, it is never a casted piece but done by the hand of the artist. Look at the gentle smile, the details of the back, feet and hand positions. Also she is wonderfully draped to cover her breast, all so neatly separated. I think I am in love (for real)! Completed around 1920. This is guaranteed original and she is fantastic.

Art Deco cubist Fox bookends cubist Fox bookends

Wonderful French Art Deco cubist Macassar Fox bookends

Item #1540

Beautifully hand carved from Solid Macassar Ebony. The sculptor has made great use of the woods' decorative grain along the animals flowing lines, in a stalking position on thick heavy pieces of chrome plated bronze which is then mounted on a solid Macassar Ebony base. Very heavy, great quality and extremely stylish pair of 1920's or 1930's French Art Deco solid Macassar Ebony and chromed bronze book with cubist stylized foxes nice overall shine! Deceptively heavy for their size they would look fantastic on a modernist desk or just to burrow up to your favorite books.  

Leda and the Swan, Art Deco sculpture by Neva Leda and the Swan, Art Deco statue by Neva

Leda and the Swan, French Art Deco sculpture by Neva

Item #1504

A wonderful rendering from the tale of Leda and the Swan. Love finds its place all over the world and in many forms. This is a beautiful sculpture rendered in white bronze or metal with a wonderful rich patina, allowing color and texture to define the relationship of Leda and her friend. Executed by French artist Neva and signed in the corner on the black Belgium marble. All over in excellent original condition and a very substantial size.

Venus marble statue by Marius Sain art deco Venus marble statue by Sain

Original carved white Venus marble statue by French artist Marius Sain

Item #1476

Here is chance to own a real treasure. One of kind and brilliantly carved white marble. This piece depicts a beautiful Venus inspired woman in a Greek Art Deco pose, naked and free (well not really free). She is yours to fall in love with. Very impressive size 23" tall. A wonderful material and something that we do have a chance to acquire due to its rarity, uniqueness (one of kind) and historical significance. The sculptor Marius Sain has many books written on his work and is listed in every important European and American art reference book (Benezit).

art deco model airplane

Historic vintage wooden model Art Deco style airplane

Item #1460

A very interesting and nicely carved Art Deco wooden model of a pre war mono winged airplane that looks to have been inspired by the Bleriot 111 of 1930 . Lovely solid Rosewood fuselage and wings with bronze propellor and cockpit detail, the hand carved mountain top over which it's flying is made from solid Oak and really sets it off nicely. I have never seen this model before, after having sold many over the years.

French female dancer statue by S. Bauer

Wonderful French bronze if female dancer by S. Bauer circa 1910s

Item #1456

This wonderful and sexy boudoir piece by Austrian sculptor. S. Bauer. Executed in brown patinated bronze with gold details represents this rather inquisitive carefree dancer. Her body is well formed and the lyrical style of body and arm posture, exemplifies the style of the period. Very good original condition on black Belgian marble base.

art deco Statue of 3 Men by Pierre LaFaguays

Original Bronze Statue of 3 Men by Pierre LaFaguays

Item #1303

Very unique original green patinated bronze statue by French artist Pierre LeFaguays of three men holding up an urn on a black Belgian marble base. This sculpture in theatrical style may have been a maquette for a larger piece, done for an expostion. The detail of three men is quite good and the era of the piece is between 1925-1930.

It is in original finish and shows just a bit of wear, but is in excellent condition overall.

Art Deco 'Louise Brooks' Sculpture Art Deco Sculpture

1930s French Art Deco " Ondine" Bronze Sculpture • Pierre Le Faguays

Item #1122

We acquired this French 1930s bronze sculpture by Pierre Le Faguays (1892-1935) from a private French collector who told us that he originally bought the sculpture in the 1950's while shopping in Porte de Clignancourt. This is an important and artistically executed bronze statue of a beautiful nude female with draping named "Ondine". The enchanting, realistic face, the hands and the feet of this sculpture are intricately detailed and the (hefty!) bronze has taken on a gorgeous patina with age. The elaborate geometric stepped marble base consists at least 5 different kinds of marble. It is stunning in its own right and looks as though it were built for a 1930s Hollywood movie set. Needless to say, it's the perfect platform for this stunning beauty.

Art Deco 'Scottie' Bookends • Signed U.J. Bornes 1930s French Art Deco 'Scottie' Bookends • Signed U.J. Bornes

1930s French Art Deco "Scottie" Bookends • Signed U.J. Bornes

Item #1109

I'm really drawn these unusual bookends. They possess a quintessential Scottie silhouette with "drawing-like" dimensional details. They're carved from wood and as such, have an expectedly warm feel to them. They're commanding, yet adorable. Yes, somehow, they're just right. A loving, 1930s French Art Deco tribute to "Man's Best Friend". One of the two bookends is signed by the French artist/sculptor - U.J. Bornes.

The Details:

The bookends are made of wood and stained a deep mahogany color. They sit obediently on a wooden base finished with black lacquer

Bronze Plate with Nautical Theme - P Le Faguays

1930s Bronze Plate with Nautical Theme • Signed - P Le Faguays

Item #1085

This spectacular and very heavy brass and bronze plate with a deep, rich patina is actually more of a sculpture than it is a plate. Depicted is a nautical scene of a majestic and beautiful sailing ship surrounded by seven seagulls. It was created and signed by Pierre Le Faguays (1892-1925).

Art Deco Clock with Garniture

French Deco Clock with Garniture

Item #661

A gorgeous French clock with garniture to match, circa 1920's. Made of pink and green marble with decorative nickled-bronze. These pieces are exquisitely crafted, and would be a beautiful addition to your home.