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American Art Deco Desk

Unique American Art Deco Desk Restored

Item #1868 SOLD

This is a very special american art deco desk. Indeed! It was my personal desk for the last 12 years and now that we have fully moved into our new showroom, I decided to have it restored and offer it for sale. I can't tell you how many times people asked me to sell this desk and up to know it was never available. This is a super desk, with lots of great mojo. I was told when I bought it, had been used by the previous, "speaker of the house", honorable Willy Brown, but it was never confirmed. I enjoyed my many years and it was never nearly as beautiful as it is now. The restoration is impeccable. Every drawer- inside and out, every edge, every movable part fits. The desk has a unique lock feature, that locks all the drawers with one key. We had to replace and re-work this since I never locked my desk. Lots of drawers and even one big enough from hanging files. Whoever buys this desk will have a lifetime to enjoy this wonderful streamline modern design. It is certainly an impressive professional looking desk, lots of "deal" to be made. Nice over-sized top with wooden front skirt going all the way around. Look at the exotic grainy walnut wood all artistically laid over the solid wood. If you've ever looked for something unique in a larger desk, this one is ready to go.

Art deco Desk

The Fletcher Art deco Desk from Fletcher Aviation of Pasadena

Item #1855 SOLD

This is a unique and super original art deco desk, kind of an Art Deco Icon. One really needs to see it in person to appreicate the subtle design and over all style of this great American made desk. The front inside drawer has a beautiful engraved copper placque or medallion that says "The Fletcher Desk" and a patent 140,501. The medallion has a stylized airplane and the words "Fletcher Aviation" and "Giving Wings to the World! Its Very cool.

A large and unusual shapely desk is very unique, rather heart-shaped with the user at the top, and the (rounded) point facing the sides. It was designed by Frank Fletcher and also manufactured by the Fletcher Aviation company in Pasadena, CA, around 1945. This particular desk has just gone through a complete restroation and refinishing. The wood is a warm brown mahangony color and the base stands a black lacquer kick that looks great together.

Lots of great storage with a bank of drawers on each side plus the coin, pencil front drawer with engraved medallion. This is a real "power" desk and I can see many great "deals" done sitting at the helm.

Art Deco Desk

Fabulous Executive Art Deco Desk

Item #1684

We've been waiting for this special Executive Art Deco desk for quite some time. This is a recent restoration, all completed emphasizing the original tradition in which we found it. A wonderful 1/2 round shaped top with strong dark desk skirt to outline this unusual shape and yet there is an inlaid dark writing area. From the front, it appears to be sitting on two elongated round front columns again with nice framed dark wood edging all along the bottom and up to the banks of drawers. Some very nicely designed drawers I might add. The right bank, once opened has 3 sliding drawers, plus a fitted lower drawer as well. The left bank (gosh I feel like I might be in France), also nicely designed swivel drawer (great for a couple of bottles to finalize the perfect days deal)! In any event a great desk, great design and its going to make someone (a lot of money ) very happy!

Great restored storage cabinet, lots of details and in multiple woods

Great restored storage cabinet, lots of details and in multiple woods

Item #1636 SOLD

This wonderful cabinet stands on its own. Great shape, great design and lots of detail. The dark wood is most likely mahogany and the lighter wood is some kind of honey sycamore, nice details and grain. I love the way the sides articulate, sometimes this is associated with "primitivism" but can just be appreciated as quality workmanship and detail. A beautiful large rosette on the front doors, also carved and important. When you open the double doors you find a neatly organized grid system. Would be great for just about anything: wine, record albums or your favorite little collection?

46" W x 18.5"D x 35"T

Spectacular Unique One of Kind (Modernist) Art Deco Cabinet Storage Display

Spectacular Unique One of Kind (Modernist) Art Deco Cabinet Storage Display

Item #1619 SOLD

WOW WOW! Feast your eyes on what may be one of the most unique Art Deco pieces of furniture we've offered for a long time. When I first saw this piece, sitting in a shop in Argentina, my jaw dropped to the floor. I had never seen anything like before (thought I've seen everything by now)? There is so much design and detail in the piece of furniture, someone who originally designed it (wish I knew who), utilized many of the best elements of geometric modernist triangular treatments. Yet there is a slight Art Nouveau treatment with the rounds dripping wood designs down the top and sides. Yet these shapes seem to resolve themselves in the feet which reflect a little of both. Forget all of that, just look at this piece of furniture, has an almost surreal feeling as well, Baby are you for real (or are you surreal or what). Wish I had a place in my house for this piece, I would not let this one get away. Never see this again. I think you know what i mean!

74" W X 73" T x 20" D

Spectacular Hollywood Producer Art Deco Desk 1930's Harry Cohn

Spectacular Hollywood Producer Art Deco Desk 1930's Harry Cohn

Spectacular Hollywood Producer Art Deco Desk 1930's Harry Cohn

Spectacular Hollywood Producer Art Deco Desk 1930's Harry Cohn

sceen grab from beauty and the boss

sceen grab from beauty and the boss


Spectacular Hollywood Producer Art Deco Desk 1930's Harry Cohn

Item #1543 SOLD

This is a great business! Every now and then something totally unique comes my way. Not always as it is presented. I am so excited to have completed this desk. It has been a project we've been working on now for well over 7 months. This desk was sold to me in January. It made its way to me from Seattle. This is the story I was told. This desk owned by the one of the most famous Hollywood producers from the 1930's Harry Cohn, part owner of Columbia pictures. The person I purchased it from had been given a photo but at last could not find the original photo showing Mr. Cohn at this desk. He did not want to do the research and figured I'd be a better custodian for a desk like this. If you check out all the photos enclosed, you can see the original desk I bought. It was an oval shaped racetrack executive desk! I liked the shape so I bought even without any really proof. (click on this link to see photos of the restoration). The desk arrived and to my dismay, the sides, which I thought were wood, had been added at a later date. They were metal with a covering made to look like wood. We took the side panels off and found a treasure hiding behind them, something I could not have imagined.

The desk you see here has been restored, repaired, enhanced and designed to correspond with the design we believe was originally intended from its inception in 1930 (the date is also inscribed in one of the drawers: 2-18-30, additionally there are names: Mad-5, 19105-F.N.P. and Sunset). Maybe some Hollywood historian might be able to shed some light as to what these names, and numbers truly mean (stock numbers/movie sets)? Looking through the book "Screen Deco" I did find a desk that could possibly be this piece, from a movie called, " Crimes Without Passion 1934 Claude Rains and Esther Dale). If this is the desk, It appears to have been re-fitted, the outside "bones" had been shaved down in order to accommodate a more modest looking design. As you can see from our interpretation of the restoration, this desk had to originally be very modernistic, edgy and a bit "over the top". During this period of Hollywood movie making, the films using the new "Art Deco" sets were probably the most spectacular interpretations of high style art deco anywhere in the world and some might even say this was The Golden Era of Hollywood.

In any event, we know it was built in 1930 and the design was originally black in most parts, since we found a lot of black over-spray when we took the top off to analyze the piece helping to determine how to restore it. We are kind of like archeologists, taking our ideas from the clues that were left behind. We did not change anything in the shape, the nicely carved black slats on the side or all original. Additionally, the top and the repeated wood base is also original. We did add the silver bands, which I assume were removed originally in order to accommodate the metal shell that was installed sometime later. We located some original art deco/bakelite handles and kept the top black which is now finished with a new piece of tempered glass including polished pencil edge. Maybe the desk was in the back lot and Harry asked his people for a desk, so the decided to make something a little more suitable for a Hollywood executive. In any case, this is our interpretation of what it could have been originally, we spent an awful lot of time on this piece and I have to say it is one of the most spectacular desks I've seen in all my "deco days"! It will take your breath away. It certainly does belong to the Hollywood era and I can certainly imagine that is how its life most likely began..

The lucky person who can purchase this piece, having the right environment will no doubt inherit the history and "mojo" that I know lives inside this piece.

83" W x 35" D x 32" T

Impressive hand carved Art Deco Sideboard cabinet

Impressive hand carved Art Deco Sideboard cabinet

Impressive hand carved Art Deco Sideboard cabinet

Item #1537 SOLD

You may have heard, when you got it, well flaunt it. Just fresh from the restorer a wonderful Art Deco cabinet with some very nice detailing. The main wood treatment is a spectacular grained walnut, sometimes called "circadian walnut" found in a lot of European art deco furniture. What I love about this pieces, first of all is the wonderful carving that runs down the front. The restoration really enhances the look with a rather contrasting point of view. This also matches the same kind of details on the harp bass (also with carving). The whole piece has great storage with drawers, side compartments and a nice front compartment below the pair of drawers. If that is not enough, check out the original bakelite drawer pulls and door handles. Butterscotch (but you can't eat it)!

67" W X 38" T X 21" D

Art Deco Bookshelf cabinet display

Art Deco Bookshelf cabinet display

Item #1528 SOLD

A wonderful American deco bookshelf with adjustable shelves and drawers. A very useful piece and not something we see often. Found here in the good 'ol' USA and lovingly restored in the good 'ol' French tradition. Nice looking wood with beautiful original drawer handles in metal and bakelite. Nice size really and not too deep, only 9 inches.

48" T x 44" W X 9" D

rt Deco Reception or Writing Desk

Art Deco Reception or Writing Desk

Item #1405 SOLD

A beautiful elegant Art Deco writing or reception desk. Stunning, simple and elegant. Mahogany framed wood top and legs with a nice contrasting walnut rectangular inlay. Notice the fluted edge detail in gilded antique gold (it even hides the drawer). The wood has been recently restored, but the original piece is quite special and would make a great office or reception desk in even a contemporary space. I mean great design is great design! Don't be shy.

53.5 W, x 29.5 T x 27 D

Awesome Art Deco Desk and Chair In Style of Ruhlmann, spectacular!

Awesome Art Deco Desk and Chair In Style of Ruhlmann, spectacular!

Awesome Art Deco Desk and Chair In Style of Ruhlmann, spectacular!

Awesome Art Deco Desk and Chair In Style of Ruhlmann, spectacular!

Item #1368

You've probably only ever seen a piece like this in books on Art Deco. This custom piece was made for our shop, the goal was to re-create this famous Ruhlmann desk. The finest macassar wood was chosen and the "ivorite" details were shaped and inlayed by master craftsmen working to create this timeless classic. A real signature of the Grand Art Deco period. The finish is pure "French" polish with parchment leather inlay as part of the writing surface of the desk. The drawers are all joined in the class French tradition, heavy and meaningful. Even the chair is completed to emulate this design and of course needs to accompany the desk. The chair is upholstered in fine white leather to match all of the inlays in the desk.

This one will certainly take your breath away!

Ruhlmann's legacy as a designer was the subject of a major retrospective exhibition at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2004. In 2009, he was called the "Art Deco's greatest artist" by the New York Times.

Emile - Jacques Ruhlmann (read all about him),E.J.Ruhlmann

31.5" T X 47"W X 29" D Desk
29.5" T X23" W X 20" D Chair

Unique Art Deco Bar or Display case

Unique Art Deco Bar or Display case

Item #1274 SOLD

Here is a very unique Art Deco Bar with etched or sandblasted glass. The image depicts classic tropical theme with palm trees, plants, mountains and a leaping gazelle. It is on beautiful macassar base with fluted wood top. Interior has shelves for glasses, bar items or display items. Very unique piece of fine furniture.

65" Tall
35" Wide
16" Deep

1930s Art Deco Oval Desk • Macassar

1930s Art Deco Oval Desk • Macassar

1930s Art Deco Oval Desk • Macassar

Item #1242 SOLD

Here's a very nice 1930s Art Deco Desk, made with rare Macassar Ebony with contrasting black trim and featuring a very clean Modernist design. There is a large center drawer built into the top and eight (four on each side) smaller drawers that are built in such a way that they virtually "disappear" into the design of the legs. The oval desk-top is of a good working size (59" X 35-1/2") and because the back of the desk is beautifully finished as well, this desk would look great positioned anywhere in a room.

The Measurements:
59" Wide X 35-1/2" Deep X 30" Tall

1930s Art Deco Modernist Desk

1930s Art Deco Modernist Desk

1930s Art Deco Modernist Desk

Item #1215 SOLD

Strong deco curvilinear design and a cubist personality beautifully define this 1930s Modernist desk. Expertly crafted with flamed Maple and thoughtfully delineated with richly grained Macassar ebony. Each of the five built-to-last drawers feature dovetail joinery with the-most-perfect black lacquered wooden knobs. A chromed bar offers a place to rest your feet while reading or writing your memoirs. Yes, I must say this desk is a great example of what Art Deco brought to furniture. It's entirely interesting AND inspiringly useful.

The Measurements:
55" Wide X 24" Deep X 29" Tall

Art Deco Deluxe Petite Console / Cabinet

Art Deco Deluxe Petite Console / Cabinet

Item #1211 SOLD

I call this multifunctional piece of Art Deco furniture Deluxe Petite because it's deluxe in materials, style and functionality yet somewhat petite compared to most other consoles I've come across. We do have a pair of these and they could be used dramatically as night-stands in a larger bedroom. This piece features both a cabinet and a drawer and has been crafted with beautiful hardwoods including Macassar, which has been used on the base and trim-work and a warm Birdseye Maple on the top. It also features parchment and a striking wood diamond grid inlay on the front. Certainly, this stunning piece could alternatively be used as a console (with storage!) along any wall or in a smaller hallway or entryway.

The Measurements:
32" Wide X 32-1/4" Tall X 14-1/2" Deep

1930s European Art Deco Macassar Desk • Vitrolite

1930s European Art Deco Macassar Desk • Vitrolite

1930s European Art Deco Macassar Desk • Vitrolite

Item #1194 SOLD

Here's a stylish and sophisticated 1930s European Art Deco Desk made of richly grained Macassar Ebony with a black vitrolite glass desk-top. This is a medium-sized desk and is a beauty from every angle. It possesses a nice architectural point-of-view with its geometric stepped design, contrasting grain direction and of course - those shapely legs! Vitrolite is a no-longer-manufactured opaque pigmented glass that was utilized during the 1930s for architectural and furniture design applications. The desk features three drawers, two doored compartments and a hidden shelf for all those love letters.

The Measurements:
49-1/4" Wide X 27-3/4" Deep X 29-3/4" Tall

1940s Art Deco Hollywood Vanity/Desk

1940s Art Deco Hollywood Vanity/Desk

1940s Art Deco Hollywood Vanity/Desk

Item #1193 SOLD

I call this a 1940s Art Deco Hollywood Vanity because to me it's just that glamorous. However, it must have been a specially created European designer piece because I've never seen anything like it before. It's been constructed of warm Mahogany with an oval raised center platform of flamed Maple and it possesses an overall very unique and curvilinear outline. The mirror's oval shape mirrors the very platform it sits upon! The drawers have lovely red bakelite handles and the side "legs" bear strong deco stepped and curved design. This is just a magnificent piece of very usable furniture-art that would enhance the beauty of any boudoir. Additionally, this piece could be fairly easily converted to a desk with the removal of the mirror.

The Measurements:
50" Wide X 19" Deep X 30-1/4" Tall
The mirror measures 12' Wide X 16" Tall

French Art Deco Sideboard • Circa 1928

French Art Deco Sideboard • Circa 1928

French Art Deco Sideboard • Circa 1928

Item #1192 SOLD

Here we have a French Art Deco sideboard/buffet circa 1928. Beautifully constructed with geometric features and deco elements during a time when things were built to last. The golden burled Walnut cabinetry is paired with the most striking grey marble top I have ever seen. Truly, this piece of marble tells a story. The cabinet's three doors open to reveal adjustable shelves with plenty of storage for larger items. The center drawer is perfect for smaller items like silverware etc. Even the brass key and keyhole bear strong Deco personality. This is a smartly sized, timeless piece of furniture with enduring charm that you will use and admire everyday.

The Measurements:
50" Wide X 42" Tall X 18" Deep

Art Deco Desk • Exotic Birdseye Maple and Parchment

desk with drawers open

Art Deco Desk • Exotic Birdseye Maple and Parchment

Item #1190 SOLD

Here's an elegant and unobtrusive Art Deco Desk that has been expertly constructed with exotic Birdseye Maple and a gorgeous parchment and wood inlay desk-top. It features a strong Art Deco stepped design with and six drawers with contrasting handles. You won't want to hide the eye-catching beauty!

The Measurements:
32" Tall X 40-1/2" Wide X 21-1/2" Deep

1930s Art Deco Mahogany Desk

1930s Art Deco Mahogany Desk

Item #1178 SOLD

The first things I noticed about this 1930s Art Deco Desk are the quality of craftsmanship and the Arts & Crafts inspired design. The desk is made of the most beautiful Mahogany and is enhanced with numerous geometric decorative details. The wrench-inspired dual pedestal base sits on four Deco/Streamline curvilinear feet. The desk features three very long (25" long! X 14" wide X 3" deep) drawers to stow away stationery and other goodies. Finally, the unusual and tactile parchment desk top features a nice geometric design and possesses just the perfect amount of give for that near-extinct, old-fashioned love called writing. Honestly, if you enjoy writing; this is your desk.

The Measurements:
65" Wide X 35" Deep X 30" Tall

Large 1930s Streamline Art Deco Walnut Desk

Large 1930s Streamline Art Deco Walnut Desk

Large 1930s Streamline Art Deco Walnut Desk

Item #1169 SOLD

Here's a magnificent 1930s Art Deco Desk in the most beautifully burled, book-matched Walnut that I have seen in quite some time. The details of this desk were well thought out and to the Streamline point. The features include five roomy black-lacquer handled drawers (the top drawer features a convenient lock), a locking storage cabinet on the opposite side and a second shelf right below the desktop, that is roomy enough for books or perhaps a laptop. You'll want to keep the desktop clean to show off the gorgeous burled walnut top. This large desk, with its curvilinear design is truly beautiful from every vantage, so it can be placed almost anywhere in a room.

The Measurements:
73" Wide X 34-1/2" Deep X 30-1/2" Tall

Large Art Deco Buffet with Marble Top and Mirror

Item #1144 SOLD

Incredible quality: large Buffet, 3 doors, 1 drawer 80" W X 24" D X 47" H with mirror 72" H. Heavy doors with real old world craftsman. The mirrors are not clipped on, but fit into the back of the buffets. The marble is also all fitted and very heavy with beveled edges.

European 1930s Art Deco Streamline Desk

European 1930s Art Deco Streamline Desk

European 1930s Art Deco Streamline Desk

Item #1111 SOLD

Goodness gracious, great lines of design! This gorgeous 1930s Modernist desk offers very strong deco styling with curvilinear and stepped details with plenty of practical storage. The curved drawers and body of this desk are made of rare Birdseye Maple and the top is of a deep Mahogany. There is a bold black lacquer base below the drawers and a stunning (and practical) slab of heavy black glass where one's feet might come to rest. The black-lacquer carved-wood drawer pulls are artistically designed to "line-up" when all drawers are closed and enhance the streamlined nature of this piece. I'd say that this is a medium sized desk and as such, might alternatively be utilized as a vanity.

The Details:
2 main drawers under the desktop 4 drawers on the left side

The Measurements:
31" Tall X 21" Deep X 44" Wide

Art Deco Macassar Vanity with Mirror and Matching Chair

Art Deco Macassar Vanity with Mirror and Matching Chair

Item #1053 SOLD

This charming vanity suite surely packs a lot of Art Deco styling into a small package. It is perfectly suited for a bedroom or hallway and includes an adjustable beveled edge mirror and full width drawer. It has been expertly handcrafted in beautiful Macassar wood with a contrasting and tactile parchment top and drawer. The beautiful, matching and comfortably upholstered chair just might make you late for the Opera.

The Measurements:

Vanity: 32" Tall X 21-1/2" Wide X 17" Deep
Chair: 28" Tall X 18" wide X 18" Deep

Art Deco Macassar Desk/Vanity

Art Deco Macassar Desk/Vanity

Item #1052 SOLD

This stylish, elegant and unobtrusive piece of furniture can be utilized as either a desk or a vanity. Constructed of richly grained Macassar wood with a gorgeous tactile parchment and wood inlay on the top. It features six drawers and a beautifully stepped design.

The Measurements:
32" Tall X 40-1/2" Wide X 21-1/2" Deep

Gorgeous Macassar Lighted Display Cabinet

Gorgeous Macassar Lighted Display Cabinet

Item #1014 SOLD

What an impressive method with which to display your most prized collectibles! A top lighted, mirror backed Art Deco display case made of glorious Macassar wood with Maple and ivory-color diamond shaped inlay that boasts 4 shelves (3 of which are adjustable). This is truly a stunning display case and boasts a superior level of detail to craftsmanship. We currently have a matching pair.

The Measurements:
82-3/4" Tall X 34-1/4" Wide X 14-3/4" Deep

Mahogany Executive Office Suite

Mahogany Desk

Mahogany Executive Office Suite

Item #948 SOLD

This must surely have been created for an important 1930s French private office.  Not only is the craftsmanship and attention to every detail  superlative,  (note the unique brass keys to the desk and bookcase locks!) but this is  truly a find! A beautiful mahogany desk WITH matching bookcase(s) and a wastebasket!

The joining bookcases (there are two, however they can be used separately)  feature glass and wooden doors plus drawers for plenty of storage.  The desk measures 57" wide X 30" depth X 30 1/2" high.  There are 3 drawers below the desktop.  The bookcase measurements are as follow: (1) With wooden doors and drawers - 64" W X 10 1/2" D X 63 1/4" H (2) With 2 glass doors with 3 drawers below - 53 1/4" W X 10 1/2" D X 63 1/4" H.  Together, the full width is 117 1/2".  The wastebasket measures 12 1/2" H X 9" W X 9"D.  The chair measures 34" H X 20" W X approx. 20" D.  A fantastic suite!

Italian art deco armoire

Italian Rosewood Armoire

Item #935 SOLD

Now this is something I bet you haven't seen before. Very beautiful and very artistic. Of course, Italian Art Deco circa 1930's beautiful materials, completely restored inside and out. This was originally a closet or armoire of sorts. It can be adapted for many uses, either in an entry way, bedroom or office area. The wood as that rich fabulous rosewood (probably Indian) with beautifully etched or sandblasted art deco figures on the doors, complimented with natural wood tambour style doors and black lacquer handles.. The doors roll back to display a beautiful interior designed with period hooks to hold clothing and  umbrellas etc. Also it lights up when the doors open. The size is 63" W X 69" T X 19" D at the deepest point. The interior room area is 58" X 50" and the door opening is 44" W X 58" T. A very original and remarkable piece.

umbrella stand

Item #833 SOLD

This interesting umbrella stand is crafted in satinwood and accented with inlaid wood in a dot pattern. Made in France during 1930's. 26" H

art deco desk

Item #818 SOLD

This is a terrific Gilbert Rhode desk, manufactured in 1935 by the Herman Miller Company. Beautifully restored to its original grandeur, the desk features a kidney-shaped work surface, six drawers, a retractable shelf, and green leather which has been antiqued. The large work surface can accommodate a computer as well as other necessities, and the desk has plenty of leg-room underneath.  56" W x 26" D x 28" T

french deco silverware cabinet

deco cabinet

French Silverware Cabinet

Item #811 SOLD

This elegant French silverware cabinet dates from the 1920's and has a distinct deco flair. Crafted of walnut and mahogany with beautiful decorative details, which include wood and ivory inlay, interior chrome hardware, stepped legs, and black ultra-suede lined drawers. This magnificent piece of furniture could also function as a jewelry cabinet in a bedroom or dressing area. 22.5" W x 17.5" D x 38.5" H

french deco desk

Item #799 SOLD

This elegant writing table was  made in Europe, circa 1920s.Beautifully patterned and inlaid  black ash burl, mahogany, and maple are combined in this desk that has an almost biedermeir styling. 57.5" W x 29.5" D x 30" H

french secretary

Item #797 SOLD

This is a stunning French secretary, mid 1930's. Light satinwood is contrasted  with black lacquer accents and chrome knobs. The interior cabinet, which is flanked by three drawers on each side, has ample storage for papers and other  items. And of course a “secretary” can also double as a bar An additional feature is the shelf just below the main cabinet. 44.5" W x 14.5" D x 44" H

frnch mahogany sideboard

Item #782 SOLD

This gorgeous 1930's French mahogany sideboard, which was darkly stained (not black lacquered) to contrast the sleek chrome hardware and decorative accents. A great deco piece for a dining room, living room, or bedroom. 62.5" W x 19.5" D x 34.5" T

french deco cabinet

French Sugar Maple Cabinet

Item #781 SOLD

This beautifully designed French cabinet, is crafted in sugar maple wood and enhanced by black lacquered wood, and accented with richly stained rosewood trim. The piece dates from the 1930's. 29.5" W x 16.5" D x 37" T

coat hat rack

Deco Coat/Hat Rack

Item #775 SOLD

A standing coat/hat rack is something one doesn't often see and would certainly be a useful piece of furniture. This particular coat/hat rack came out of a deco bank in Buenos Aires, and dates from the late 1920's to the early 1930's. It measures 66" tall and the base is approximately 12" diameter.

Gilbert Rhode desk

herman miller desk

Item #763 SOLD

An absolutely fabulous Gilbert Rhode desk! It was manufactured in 1935 by the Herman Miller Company, and restored using the original leatherette on the legs. This stylized desk is also quite a functional piece of furniture; there are six large drawers, a retractable shelf, a work surface which can accommodate a computer as well as other necessities, and plenty of leg-room underneath. 56" W x 26" D x 28" T

french sideboard

French Mahogany Sideboard

Item #747 SOLD

This is an elegant French sideboard crafted in mahogany with decorative black lacquer accents and sleek chrome hardware. The piece was made during the 1930's. 71" W x 18.5" D x 37.5" H (cabinets are 23" W x 15.5" D).

art deco shelves

Item #718 SOLD

It's unusual to find matching bookcases, let alone a pair of such great design. These bookcases would be terrific in a study, either opposite one another or side by side. Made in France in the 1930's and crafted of walnut and mahogany with black lacquer accents and frosted glass doors. The shelves are adjustable to accommodate books, magazines, paperwork, or other items. The dimensions of each bookcase are: 28.5" W x 10.5" D x 50" T.

art deco cabinet

Item #691 SOLD

This is a charming piece of 1930's American furniture with a carved deco motif and bakelite handles. Whether using the cabinet for storing clothes, books and paperwork, or a small television it is a practical and decorative piece of furniture. The cabinet measures 28.5" W x 16.5" D x 42" H.

art deco china cabinet

Item #690 SOLD

A beautiful European cabinet crafted of walnut in the 1930's. A perfect bookcase and/or display case for decorative objects, yet equally as functional in a bedroom for the storage of sweaters and clothing. The piece measures 68" W x 21.5" D x 79" H.

Item #670 SOLD

This is a beautiful walnut cabinet/bookcase. There is quite a lot of storage: with shelves for books and magazines, or for decorative objects. This cabinet has a matching secretary (see item #669 in this category), which is sold separately. 71" W x 17.5" D x 67" H

Modernist French Secretary

Item #669 SOLD

A modernist French secretary, with attached shelves. This elegant piece is made of walnut, with beautifully scalloped chrome hardware. This secretary has a matching cabinet/bookcase (see item #670 in this category) which is sold separately. 45" W x 15" D (includes hardware) x 49.5" H, and the shelving unit is 41.5" H.

Item #658 SOLD

A charming miniature bar/cabinet, made in France in the 1930's, and crafted of gorgeous macassar wood. This piece could function as a storage cabinet, as well as a bar.
32" W x 21.5" D (includes handles) x 29" H

Item #655 SOLD

A gorgeous piece of 1930's furniture, which traditionally functioned as a vanity, but could easily be used as a petite desk. This piece is beautifully designed, using the finest amboyna wood, and represents French craftsmanship at its very best. This particular vanity happens to match our amboyna bedroom suite (item #656 in furniture/bedroom), although it is not part of this set and is sold separately. The vanity/desk measures 38.5" W x 17.5" D x 30.5 H.

French Streamline Desk and Bookcase Set

Item #651 SOLD

What a pair! Vintage doesn't get any better than this 1930's French desk and matching bookcase. Both are streamline in design and made of mahogany with beautiful marquetry. Desk measures 59.5" W x 30.5" D (with handles) x 31.25" H, Bookcase measures 89.5" W x 23.25" D x 70.5" H

Item #650 SOLD

A magnificent walnut desk of the highest quality. This substantial, yet elegant piece, will be the focal point in any office or study. French, circa 1930's, measuring approximately 81" W x 39" D x 30.5" H.

french rosewood sideboard/buffet

French Rosewood Sideboard/Buffet

Item #649 SOLD

A French sideboard/buffet with lower cabinets on either side of the main section. This 1930's sideboard would make a great cabinet for a livingroom, bedroom, or dining area. It is made of beautiful Brazilian rosewood (which is quite rare) and a pale greyish-biege marble. This piece measures 80" W x 22" D x 39.5" H (36" H at the lower cabinets)

modernist walnut sideboard/buffet

Modernist Walnut Sideboard/Buffet

Item #648 SOLD

A beautiful modernist sideboard/buffet made of walnut and topped with a deep green color marble. This piece rests upon unusual aluminum feet, and is finely crafted from the shape of the marble to the curves in the doors. A wonderful cabinet for any room. French, circa 1930's, this piece measures 65" W x 25" D x 42.5" H

marble topped sideboard/buffet

Marble Topped Sideboard/Buffet

Item #646 SOLD

Beautifully carved deco sideboard/buffet with a black marble top. This is an exceptional piece, and would be perfect in any room. Please note: matching display case (item #641), which is sold separately.66.5" W x 20.5" D x 43.5" H (21.5" D, includes handles)

Item #641 SOLD

A beautiful French display cabinet with glass shelves and marble top. This piece is made of mahogany that has been carved in this deco floral motif. Please note: matching sideboard/buffet (item #646), which is sold separately. 47" W x 17" D x 50" H

1930s Art Deco GRAND Oak Sideboard

1930s Art Deco GRAND Oak Sideboard

1930s Art Deco GRAND Oak Sideboard

Item #640 SOLD

This very rare Art Deco sideboard is simply a superb example of 1930s French craftsmanship. Though not a signed piece it is strongly in the style of French designer, Charles Dudouyt. This magnificent piece of furniture is crafted entirely of gorgeous oak with the design emphasizing the flow of the grain and the luminosity of the wood. It features four doors with intricately carved animal and native figures as handles and the cabinet's top has beautiful wood inlay in a striking contrasting checkerboard pattern. This truly unique and finely crafted cabinet could be utilized in either a dining area or living room. Alternatively, this is a perfect piece to store electronic equipment, CDs, DVDs or books.

The Measurements:
93-1/2" Wide X 20-1/2" Deep X 42" Tall
(22" Deep including sculpted knobs)

Item #581 SOLD

Charming petite chest of drawers, a perfect addition for any room in the house. This is a French piece, made of walnut with the most beautiful grain. There are two large drawers and two smaller top drawers. 35 W x 20 D x 28 H

Item #580 SOLD

Exquisite tulip shaped consoles/cabinets of French origin, circa 1930's. Matching pair of two-toned maple and walnut, the maple is stained a beautiful shade of amber, and each piece has a mirrored interior cabinet. 39 W x 12 D x 33 H

French Zebra Wood and Ebony Secretary

French Zebra Wood and Ebony Secretary

Item #579 SOLD

Unusual French Secretary in Zebra wood with ebony round feet. Great storage with 8 drawers on front, drop down writing table and side cabinet with pull out shelf. Size 45"W X 20" D X 44" T.

Item #562 SOLD

Dramatic French buffet made of amboyna wood with chrome hardware. This piece features a rich reddish/brown luster which enhances the grain, emphasizing the beautiful texture of the wood.78” W x 20” D x 39” T.

Item #557 SOLD

Grand but elegant French display cabinet featuring 3 glass shelves. The cabinet is made of a dark macassar wood, which adds to the majesty of the piece. 61” W x 15” D x 54” T.

Small Deco Desk

Item #550 SOLD

Small but charming entry way desk. The desk has a dark finish with nice art deco legs and chrome handles. 40” W x 18” D x 30 “ T.

Item #548 SOLD

Beautiful Regy Baby grand piano from Paris, France. Special starburst inlay on the top and fluted legs. 59” W x 58” D x 40” T


Item #523 SOLD

Great Streamline Rosewood restored French desk, circa 1930's. Nice detail, cut-out in the front. metal support with storage on one side.
Locked storage as well. Size: 73" W X 36" D X 30" T

French Desk

Item #522 SOLD

Modernist desk, fantastic restoration. Great detail, nice storage. French circa 1930's, re-chorme and original chair restored in fine leather.
Size: 55"W X 29" D X 30" T.

Item #470 SOLD

This beautiful dining room sideboard, with a marble top, is part of a larger set. 46" wide, 20" deep, 56" tall

Item #440 SOLD

Beautiful late 1930's Wurlitzer Butterfly grand style piano. This is an American piece in excellent original condition. This is a great piece for the musician in the family or just to be admired in the corner of the living room. 37" tall, 55"wide, 48" long.

Item #433 SOLD

A rare desk and book case combination with exquisite chrome handles with black trim. The bookcase has a perfectly frosted cut glass door in that deco style that is sure to impress yet is very practical with plenty of storage space. Desk: 31 ½" wide, 30 ½" tall, 63 ¼" long. Book case: 66" wide 69" tall, 17" deep.

Item #378 SOLD

Very nice rosewood secretary storage cabinet. Nice chrome hardware and lots of storage

Item #315 SOLD

Very stylish blonde desk or vanity table with matching upholstered chair with faceted wood back. The chairs is upholstered in black leather and the blond desk which stands 30 "T X 33" W X 18" D has been recently restored in a nice satin finish with black lacquer drawer.

Item #258 SOLD

Here is a great American piece by Gilbert Rhode for Herman Miller. This fabulous desk was designed in the mid 30's is all original except for the finish which has been redone. Great shape pointing the way to the 50's with original brown vinyl on the front. The china cabinet is all from the same period. They can be used together as an office suite.

Classic Parker Pen Case

Item #242 SOLD

The classic Parker Pen Case. Very complete with both towers and 3 drawer display system. This also has the lower case. All the neon has been replaced and added at the top of the towers. The total size of the case is 6' X 6' by 2.' Each tower screws to the side of the front display case with bolts. The front case is 4'X2' and each tower is 6' tall by 1'wide. There is plenty of storage in the back with sliding doors on the bottom and also 3 separate drawers. The wood is walnut, the display case is probably from the late 1940s early 1950s.

Item #213 SOLD

Vitrine or display case. A wonderful piece with all kinds of wood inlay. Beautifully restored in a high gloss finish. Nice storage compartments on the lower part and the top has nice glass shelves for display. Also nice beveled edges on the glass for the front and sides of the display. 46 "W X 69"T X 18 "D

Item #201 SOLD

Fantastic Czech wall piece with tons of storage and compartments. There is a secretary, glass doors, storage bins and even a little bar that rolls around. Great looking wood and a very important piece. Restored but still looks original. They did great quality work. 76"L X 66"T X 18" D.

Item #189 SOLD

Fabulous 3 piece Desk suite. Very modernistic in design. Great stature for the ultimate desk ensemble. chair 20" deep, 21" wide, 29" tall Desk with green top 58 3/4" wide. 31 1/2" deep, 29" tall armoire that goes with desk : 71" wide, 19" deep 68" tall

Item #144 SOLD

Nice cocktail or storage cabinet. Matching wood veneers and high quality wood construction with fantastic Art Deco hardware. Completely restored pieces, size is 34 "T X 23"W X 17"D


Item #140 SOLD

Very special Art Deco cabinet, bookcase or shelving unit. Very figure wood in a newly refinished gloss. Nice modernist shape with rounded corners. Size is 44 "T X 20"W X14"D. Great design.

Item #115 SOLD

Look at this wood! What a desk or is it cabinet? Double sided, very unusual. Burley extreme walnut. The front has two doors for storage with rounded shelving on the sides. The desk is equipped with beautiful doors that have pull out file type drawers for organization. The size is approx. 62" wide by 30" deep. The top is fantastic and the finish is a nice Matt satin. 

Item #048 SOLD

French Macassar Ebony Partners Desk and Bookcase.
This is a very special two piece set, circa 1930s in exotic macassar ebony wood. This partners desk is very unusual. It is matched on both sides and has drawers on both ends so two people could really work together. The size of the desk is 44" D X 54"WX 30"T. The finish is a high polish lacquer. The Bookcase  also matches with 3 sliding doors that front 12 individual storage drawers. Lots of room and style, the size of this piece is 58"TX54"W X20"D. This is a spectacular set.

Item #051 SOLD

Display-Book Case.
Beautiful exotic book matched walnut wood with a high gloss finish. This piece stands 36"T X 48"W X 17"D. It has two locked drawers, a double glass door way with storage underneath and round open shelves on the end. It has been restored and is in perfect condition.


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