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Baby Grand Piano

Wurlitzer Butterfly Baby Grand Piano Art Deco Streamline Design

Item #1884

This 1937 Streamline Art Deco Butterfly Wurlitzer Baby Grand Piano is a very rare find. In nice original finish and remarkable condition, we have also made all the adjustments to ensure that the next owner will have an instrument worthy of playing for many years to come . I have been waiting for one of these for over five years and now the wait is over!

Of all the Wurlitzer Butterfly Pianos I have seen, this model has the best detailing. It has the unique winged shape and is one of the most sought after Art Deco innovations in piano design. The design of the wood that backs the pedals has great art deco detail. The music stand mimics the streamline banding around the case. The walnut is beautiful, warm and deeply grained.. Although no one really knows exactly how many of these were made the number is thought to be approximately 75 that were manufactured in 1937. The “Butterfly” was made in at least two different sizes including a 73 version in a Duncan Phyfe, Louis XV or Art Deco style case. The piano offered here is the most professional version of this piano, a standard 88 key model which makes it the most valuable.

An expert technician has completely gone through the action, tightened all screws, adjusted all hammers, cleaned and tuned it, spending considerable time and expertise.

The case and finish are original and although there are some light nicks here and there, there is nothing too dramatic or problematic. This piano sounds great. and plays well. This piano is tuned to standard concert pitch, and can be used as a normal piano for daily use. It has impressive volume and tone, considering its size. The piano comes from the original owner's children who have owned it for the life of the piano. There are no cracks in the sound board and all of the parts are intact including the rare wood baffles that cover the inside of the butterfly top,all with original finish . The original keys have some slight chipping on the edges. The piano will be sold with an new Yamaha piano bench, in a medium brown wood finish.

There are very few of these pianos left in existence today. They are rare and desirable among collectors and musicians alike. Developed in a time of great innovation in art, design and music the Butterfly Piano by Rudolph Wurlitzer is an example of a perfect piece of both form and function.

Art Deco piano

French Art Deco piano by Gaveau in the manner of Dominique circa 1933

Item #1883

Graceful two toned mahogany and maple cabinet raised on streamline supports in the most sophisticated 30's French high style. Also accented by an unusual wood and brass lyre. Gaveau pianos made some of the finest art deco art-case pianos known. This exceptional example is in extremely fine original condition, having never been rebuilt or refinished, and appears nearly new in many respects. The original strings are in excellent condition as is the action with all original components. The original soundboard is flawless with no cracks, and the piano plays beautifully with a very responsive action and a typical French tone which is delicate yet powerful, belying the piano’s compact size. The cabinet with its exotic woods still presents its original 1938 finish which has just been professionally French polished and has a beauty and depth not seen in refinished examples.

The piano’s ownership history is equally remarkable. It was purchased new in Paris in 1938 by the Litton family and moved to their apartment on rue Cognacq-Jay near the pont de l’Alma, where it joined a large collection of the most fashionable Art Deco furniture. The Littons left France for New York in 1939 and settled in a large apartment on the Upper West Side bringing the furniture and piano along. The Littons were part of a circle of European artists and intellectuals and hosted parties where the elegant Gaveau was played by the likes of Nadia Reisenberg and Arthur Rubenstein. Their son George Litton remembers these parties fondly. After his father’s passing in the 1950s his mother moved to a smaller apartment and sold most of the Art Deco pieces but loved the piano and kept it with her.

The next fascinating chapter of the piano’s story began when George started his family and the piano was played by his son Andrew, a very promising young musician in the mid 1960s. Andrew’s hard work at the piano paid good rewards as he is today one of the most celebrated conductors and pianists of his generation, currently holding the positions of Music Director of Norway’s Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Artistic Director of the Minnesota Orchestra’s Sommerfest, Conductor Laureate of Britain’s Bournemouth Symphony, and Music Director of the Colorado Symphony. He guest conducts the world’s leading orchestras and opera companies and has a discography of over 120 recordings with awards including America’s Grammy, France’s Diapason d’Or, and many British and other honors.

You can see a similar design of this piano pictured in photos from the French luxury liner Normandie. It is documented that Dominique was a major design source for the Le Normandie, designing one of only four private luxury suites. These suites were all fashioned with highest level of current French taste, design and materials. They were occupied by some of the most famous and talented stars of the day, including Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire, Johnny Weissmuller, Cary Grant, James Stewart, Thomas Mann, Salvidor Dali and Joseph Kennedy to name a few.

A remarkable instrument of extreme beauty and historical significance.

Art Deco Bar Cart

Art Deco Modernist Bar Cart

Item #1878

Amazing Art Deco Bar cart on wheels. This striking Macassar wood adds depth to the desgin which is quite unique. In its un-open state, the bar appears to be a square box on wheels. When you pull the top down, it turns into a magical bar, with hidden compartments and angled supports for wine, champagne bucket or whatever might be need to fulfill your cocktail fantasy. Very unique piece of furniture and quite rare. It has been restored to a "like new" condition.

French Art Deco Bar Cart

Restored Metal Frame Art Deco Bar cart

Item #1873

A perfectly restored bar cart. Nice Art Deco design with newly re-chromed frame. Great storage for bottles, shakers, champagne buckets and just about anything you need for that sophisticated after or before dinner libation. A must for cocktail aficionados.

French Art Deco Bar Cart

Restored Art Deco serving Bar cart

Item #1872

Nice restored wood bar cart with black vitrolite glass. Nice marquetry along the border with black ebony wood handles and wheel details. Double shelf and very sturdy.

French Art Deco Bar

French Art Deco Bar Stand behind with stools

Item #1871

Well I've been waiting to get this bar for about 3 years and finally, it is now in our inventory. We just completely restored it from top to bottom and it looks amazing. One of a kind! I saw this years ago and clients, loved it but!!!!!!!!!!! They have now moved into a new place and we now have it in our place (waiting for the right new home). It is a completely French-- Art Deco Bar. Its rare to find a bar this size that was not made for commercial use, this would work great in someone's home, family room, dining room or bar room. The position of the bar would have to be taken into account, seems like it would work great with one end against a wall and the other open to the room. Its the kind of bar that can fit in many different angles so take a good look. I don't know who is the original designer, but for sure it is one of those bars that was custom made, not a production piece. Comes with 4 matching stools also in restored condition. Nice Macassar wood front and also matching wood on the bar stools. It has a great chrome foot rail with a nice wood ebony arm rail. Great hardware holding it all in the place. I could go on and on. The back is waiting for bottles and accouterment to make this the center piece of any room. In a nice dimly lit room, you might have quite a time getting your friends to leave, so make sure you mean it when you say, "belly up to the bar".

Demi-Lune Bar

English Double Deck Demi-Lune Bar 1930's Cocktail

Item #1864

This 1930s Art Deco English Demi-Lune bar does a lot. It smartly and securely holds bottles, glasses, cocktail implements and accessories. It offers a first discreet then fun pull-out mixing shelf. It boasts a gorgeous walnut cabinet with beautifully curved glass, tambor display doors with carved nice chrome handles. It lights up on the inside with the push of a nifty bakelite button. Yes, it does many things and does them while (1) looking beautiful and fun at the same time and (2) taking up very little room space. Other details include the cocktail-y fun painted mirror back, a handy mirrored shelf pulls out from between the upper and lower sections, creating the perfect launching pad for a pair of Ports! Both the top and bottom sections illuminate, creating a dazzling effect while entertaining. Surprisingly, (due to its layout and height) this crescent-shaped bar occupies precious little floor space, yet offers loads of storage. A stunner whether opened or closed, this bar is not only a treasurable object of beauty, but it's also a great conversation piece.

Art Deco Flip-top Bar

Art Deco Flip-top Bar! Very James Bond!

Item #1838

I bet you haven't seen and art deco flip-top bar like this. An Elegant and beautiful design with a very special hinge system. Starting out as a simple restored wooden box with legs, you open both sides and "like magic" your instant hidden bar comes to life. When fully open, you can use both outside wood supports to add champagne or ice buckets and don't forget some hors d'oeuvres This wonderful bar in dark flamed mahogany wood will amaze you. Recently restored and re-chromed, this vintage bar can accommodate glasses, bottles, decanters in these special built-in metal holders. I am sure it will be the main topic of conversation at your next dinner or cocktail party. "I'll have mine shaken, not stirred"!

Art Deco Bar

Original Art Deco Bar or Serving Cart

Item #1823

Newly restored original Art Deco Bar cart or serving cart. Unique design with a movable tray. The bar is made up of wonderful flamed mahogany grain wood with a contrasting interior blonde color. Door has a lock and lots if interior storage for additional glasses or bottles. The cart is on wheels so could be used in many different applications. Would also be a terrific desert cart, after-dinner drink station or for my friend Bob (a tequila cart, he has so many to choose from). Was found this wonderful piece in Argentina but certainly but has a very European point of view.

Art Deco Bar

Art Deco Bar L Shaped Stand behind

Item #1822

This is a wonderful custom made (for us), stand behind art deco bar. Would be great for that individual or family looking to create that wonderful social spot that would allow all the fun, tasting, making, drinking etc. etc. The size is nice and would be great for a home bar or a small commercial application. Nice two-tone wood design, great storage in the back for bottles and whatever you might want to develop, your great mixologist concoctions. This nice shape can easily accommodate 2,3 or 4 bar stools to begin the "life of the party" game. I know this one very well and am an expert player if you need any advice or direction. Who wants to play?????

Art Deco bar cart

Art Deco bar cart with wood and chrome

Item #1806

These special cocktail Art Deco bar carts do not come around very often anymore. I am please to offer this outstanding newly restored bar cart. It has everything you'd want, nice chrome, nice wood shelves, places to hold just about everything you need for a little party. Very good caster/wheels and a nice handle to move it all along.

modern bar modern bar

Art Deco Streamline Modern Bar with matching stools

Item #1789

Is J. Gatsby anywhere to be found? Offered today from my own private and personal "Speakeasy"! This is an original modern bar which found its way to Art Deco Collection from somewhere in Missouri. I would date it from the late 1930's very New York World's Fair. The exterior is enamel painted on metal or porcelain. Very, very unusual. I was told at the time of purchase, it was originally part of a lunch counter. We did a little work and built a custom made platform to elevate it to "bar" height (also makes a great place to rest your feet or lean right into). The lower platform is finished with black ribbed rubber and metal edging (it has a natural step) We also replaced the top with a matching red formica, no seams.

It has been extremely useful, a lot of fun and great looking! Lots of storage and something you can build a room around (which is what we did back then). There are 4 bar stools that were specially upholstered to match the bar. The colors are a warm beige (a hint of yellow) with red detailing. The front of the bar has this great modernist art deco design with intersecting 1/4 moon shapes in the middle. Nice metal edging all the way around the bar. The back is organized with nice partitioned shelves, great to store anything. We have had some amazing parties with this bar so you better be ready for some serious good times (if you are the eventual buyer). People love it! Great Bar and 4 stools. Who is ready for this beauty?

Art Deco Game table

Art Deco Game table

Item #1742

What a wonderful piece of furniture. Very unique and taken from an original piece with all the earmarks of an outstanding design. Custom made for our shop, but what a table! Let me point out some features I think are very important.

Beautiful mahogany wood octagon table top (rounded edges) on a wonderful inlayed column with a very significant stepped base. (easy to get any legs under this table). The inlay on the base and boards some "real" ivory and some beautiful woods, with slight patina. The top has one side for chess and the other with a felt top for playing cards. if you remove the top, you will find a wonderful backgammon board.

There are 4 inlayed separate trays evenly spread out on all sides of the table. These could be used for chips, games pieces or cocktails. This is a table that is screaming to be used, enjoyed and appreciated.

Art Deco Bar with Back Bar

Stunning Art Deco Custom Bar Original with Back Bar

Item #1707

Presented is a wonderful, large bar bound to add glamour, warmth and sophistication to any room. This piece came to us from Seattle and spent its life deep within the recreational recluse of a private home (which must have been quite a place!). WIth our loving restoration we refinished and refreshed the wood but kept all the original character including the applied metalwork. We replaced broken glass and added a new matching formica top for the bar surface to replace the original cracked linoleum. It is ready for at least another 50 years of fun utilizing your own personal joie de vivre.

This size requires some thought, but it could be worked in many ways. The bar comes in three parts: the front bar, the lower back bar and the upper back bar. The wood is a honey colored birch. There is nice illumination from the top, with circular mirrors to set off the back bar. The front bar has four separate drawers with lots of storage beneath for bottles and bar supplies. All you need to do now is put your imagination to the test and get ready to invite your friends for a bit of magic, good times and tripling the light fantastic!

Art Deco Barstools

Art Deco Barstools

Item #1664

Art Deco barstools - period. Made with rosewood and gleaming chrome streamline hardware and accents. The cushions can be done in many treatments: The two-tone (brown/cream) leather seat cushions, these have ostrich styled leather with mohair tops. These fetching barstools with strong deco design are built to last.

Art Deco Martini Bar

The Great Art Deco Martini Bar

Item #1548

This incredible Art Deco bar in exotic wood is an Art Deco Collection design exclusive. Generous in size (Approximately 70" in Wide X 17-1/2" Deep X 40" Tall) to accommodate your guests and big on style, this bar will become the focal point of any room. It boasts 3 large storage shelves in back (each approximately 67" in length X 14" deep), an accessory storage drawer, of course something spectacular, a beautiful, painstakingly inlaid Martini (kind of our logo). The sophisticated curved shape of this bar allows for more serving area while taking up less floor space. I'll take mine extra dry and with an olive, please.

Art Deco Red Swing Bar

Classic Late 40's Art Deco Red Swing Bar

Item #1338

Here is a classic you don't see everyday. A very cool red vinyl art deco bar with artistically hand hammered nails complete a leaping gazelle, very art deco. This is a very usual bar, not too large, it has a nice white vitrolite glass top. The back has all the compartments necessary to fully stock this bar with what everything you like. Make mine a dry martini (with gin) a classic. This one was hiding in the cellar of a very popular "speak easy". It was my good fortune to be in the right place and now its your good fortune to find yourself here. Very pop and lots of fun.

Art Deco Bar cart

Art Deco Rolling Bar cart

Item #1253

Art Deco Rolling Bar cart Consider the possibilities, could they be endless? The simple design of this beautifully made bar cart is at odds with the complexity of options it offers. It has been constructed of beautifully contrasting light and dark maple, simple front marquetry and fitted with glorious wood handles, locks and inside details. There's plenty of sophisticated storage offered by way of shelving and two practical storage compartments. An elegance, functionality and sophistication of design and manufacture that is rare! You’ll never tire of the style.

European Bar Cart

1930s European Bar Cart

Item #1074

The possibilities are endless. The simple design of this beautifully made bar cart is at odds with the complexity of options it offers. It has been constructed of beautifully contrasting light and dark maple and fitted with glorious gleaming chrome hardware. There's plenty of sophisticated storage offered by way of shelving and two practical storage compartments. An elegance, functionality and sophistication of design and manufacture that is rare to say the least and oh, yes - it's on wheels!

Side Table Bar

Fluted Side Table Bar

Item #559

A very nice and practical fluted bar made of amboyna and macassar, that also doubles as a side table. The center column opens up to display a bar area.

English Hille Bar

English Hille Bar

Item #337

This very special English Bar designed by "Hille" is keeping very much in the style of the glamorous art deco Hollywood Bars. The unique design which has fabulous peach glass inlaid into a birds-eye maple wood veneer, is quite striking. The double doors open to reveal shelving, both in glass and pull out vitrolite, with light and storage. The lower level which is all complete with peach glass opens also to reveal additional storage for bottles and such.

English Double Decker Bar

English Double Decker Bar

Item #331

English double decker bar in exotic wild walnut. Newly restored with a satin finish with all the trimmings. Interior has glass shelves, lights, holders, etc. Lower level has storage for bottles. Original Bakelite - celluloid handles all in perfect condition.


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