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Iron Console

Unique French Style Grand Iron console

Item #1797

Presented here is a wonderful iron console in the great French tradition, also known as "fer forge". Forged metal done by the hand of a very gifted artist. We've taken an original old medallion (the center silver piece) and applied the artistic design you see which surrounds the inspiration. This artistic representation integrates both the past material (the silver medallion) and the new artistry completing this piece as a total work of art. It feels completely original, finished with beautiful rose marble and right now we have two identical pieces. So if you have the right application, we are all in luck!

Art Deco Console

Art Deco French style console

Item #1793

Great looking Art Deco French style console, custom made for our shop. The woods are striking with Macassar ebony and honey colored abedul grained Birch wood. It has all the wonderful elements you would want in a console. The size is nice and will fit in many applications: entry way, living room, gallery setting etc. I also like the touch incorporating the round wood balls as part of the foundation with the center support in a slight cantilever position

French Iron Console

Custom French Iron Style Console with stunning black/white marble

Item #1671

Here is a piece of furniture that would fit nicely in your entry, hallway, living room. Classic fer forge in the French tradition. Custom made furniture in the Edgar Brandt tradition, but of course custom made for Art Deco Collection. The highest quality iron work with great marble treatment on both legs and beveled into the top. All newly polished in black/white with just spec of gold. Two sturdy "Scroll" shaped legs support this wonderful piece

Art Deco console

Stunning Art Deco modernist console

Item #1643

Enjoy this beautiful newly constructed console, custom made exclusively for our shop. French inspired, modernist console with a stunning harp or U shaped base. This has been finished in black lacquer and a detailed silver-leaf treatment on the edges and lower harp. The top in inlayed with beveled mirror, all coming together to create an outstanding look.

Art Deco console

Art Deco original chrome and black marble console

Item #1448

In case you can use them, I have two of these right now and they are completely original pieces. I purchased them in Belgium many years ago and have finally installed them. You can see how useful this could be. It cantilevers out from the wall and is supported by "newly chromed" supports both as legs going down installed into the wall, and also in the frame that supports the marble. Very clean, almost Bauhaus, almost mid - century but they are truly from the Art Deco period. The marble is black with some slight variations of white running through them. Find the right spot and you've got a winner.

console with mirror

Tiger Flamed Maple console with matching mirror

Item #1444

This progressively-designed dynamic duo is guaranteed to brighten your entrance hall or any other wall in your home. Both are handsomely designed and expertly constructed of a visually breathtaking highly flamed Maple (also called Tiger-wood). Both the console and the mirror are unusual and note-worthy in their own right. The urn-shaped console features dramatic two-toned styling with a gorgeous front panel that is not usually found on consoles from this era. The mirror sits in a very unusual polygonal shaped mirror frame that is also constructed of Tiger-wood. This rare and beautiful matching set is anything BUT "par for the course". (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Hollywood Console

Hollywood Glamour Vanity or Console

Item #1440

I call this a 1930's inspired Art Deco Hollywood Vanity because to me it's just that glamorous. However, it was originally a European designer piece we recreated. It's been constructed of warm Mahogany with an oval raised center platform of flamed Maple and it possesses an overall very unique and curvilinear outline. This is just a magnificent piece of very usable furniture-art that would enhance the beauty of any boudoir. Additionally, this piece could be fairly easily converted to a desk or console. The stool is not included, but available under item #1408 in our inventory.

Fabulous Art Deco wood console with supported base

Fabulous Art Deco wood console with supported base

Item #1375

This is wonderful, a brand new restoration and in perfect condition. Look at the gleam of fresh French polish. It just brings out the rich grain in a way no other finish can. Very 3 dimensional. The is a wonderful and very useful piece. The base is somewhat different, it is supported by two 1/4 round legs that scroll into a round ball on each side. A wonderful top showing a dynamic contrasting 2" border. There is also some nice black lacquer details around the base and feet.

47" X X 32" T X 19" D

Art Deco console

Art Deco console with a Biedermeier point of view

Item #1350

This piece is the embodiment of elegance and simplicity. A super console in beautiful honey colored maple style wood all accented with a contrast of black lacquer to complete this unusual treatment of both colors and style. The top has a beautiful wood beveled edge and soft triangular base which complements the overall style. This piece is part of our custom Art Deco collection and is in "new" condition.

Art Deco Console Iron Console

Art Deco Iron Console With Black Marble

Item #1232

Here's a beautiful Art Deco console made of worked and carved hefty wrought iron that has been finished in a deep graphite with a subtle orange over-rub. The polygonal shape of the top and predominately geometric details of this piece are further enhanced with a diamond motif and are then softened with intricate floral accents. This console features a beautiful black marble top (and base) with a refined ogee edge. This nicely sized and proportioned console would work very well in most hallways or along most walls in your home or office.


Art Deco Console Art Deco Console

Art Deco Console • Parquet

Item #1203

Presented here is a rather chic Art Deco console with a gorgeous geometric parquet top and a striking black lacquer base. The top features richly grained parquetry and a bold chamfered edge. The console's base is modernist in spirit and architectonic by design. This beautiful console has a modest depth and would in fit comfortably in most hallways and rooms.

Art Deco Console and Mirror Iron Console and Mirror

Art Deco Iron Console and Mirror Set

Item #1199

This substantial Art Deco iron console and mirror set will make an assertive statement in a large hall, entryway or along any larger wall. The graphite-finished iron console features a strong deco geometric stepped design with scrolls and a floral-inspired motif. It has a gorgeous three-piece raw white marble top and a beautifully aged mirror bottom shelf. The three textures (iron, marble and glass) work together to create that "bigger than the sum of its parts" sensation. The matching mirror is a work of art and a beauty in its own right. The iron frame possesses strong deco detailing with scrolls, floral and geometric remarks while the aged mirror reflects a past remembered but seldom seen.


Art Deco Console With  Mirror Iron & Marble Console With Mirror

Art Deco Iron & Marble Console With Matching Mirror

Item #1196

What a way to transform a wall! This Art Deco Iron Console bears a bold deco geometric design with dual trio scroll legs. It features a hammered and carved surface with a beautifully aged and slivered finish. The console's top and lower base pedestals are made of a striking black marble with veining in beige and various shades of gray. The matching octagonal wall mirror bears the same silvered iron treatment and incorporates a beautiful floral motif into the overall geometric design. This matching and breath-taking set would be perfect in an entry or hallway and will provide a lifetime of perdurable Art Deco glamour.


Art Deco Console Iron Console

Art Deco Iron Scroll Console With Peach Marble

Item #1173

Here we have a beautiful Art Deco Console made of iron and marble. From the beautifully veined, multi-peach-hued marble top and base accent to the hand-wrought iron frame with its rich graphite finish, there is an elegance of simplicity and décor. The wide iron scrolls that make up the console's body create an almost minimalist feel in spite of their heft. Overall, there is a beautiful visual balance between the top and the body as well as a wonderful contrast in color and texture. This gorgeous console would look great in any room or hallway.


French Console

Fer Forge Console with Marble Top

Item #1073

Here's a beautifully designed and expertly crafted console that will confidently support your heftiest vase or sculpture and still offer an airy elegance . The iron, done in a French style with it's deep patina and intricate geometric details with silver accents contrasts gently against the beautiful marble top. This console would be perfect in an entry or any room.

Art Deco Mirror and Console • Special Order

Art Deco Iron Framed Mirror with Matching Console

Item #1060

Spectacular with strong Art Deco styling just begins to describe this artistic console and matching mirror. Painstakingly artisan crafted of enduring wrought iron with gold-leaf metal accents. Both the large framed beveled mirror and the console feature floral and stepped geometric Art Deco details. The console, though hefty and hardy, with a gorgeous marble top and base, virtually floats in mid-air. These items are available by Special Order - either individually or as a set.

French Table Iron Table

"Fer Forge" Iron Console With Matte Marble Top

Item #1021

This versatile table just can't help but vaunt its attributes. The intricately detailed base is made of a very heavy iron and is simply overflowing with design elements (scrolls, swirls, ribbons and dimples!) that unite to produce an object d'art that transcends the sum of its parts. The thick (1-1/2") and hefty matte finish marble top contrasts dramatically and beautifully with the iron base. Overall, this enduring piece is quite versatile and can be used as a side table, end table or even as a hall table for a smaller entryway. We currently have a matching pair of these wonderful tables.

Large French Art Deco Mahogany Console

Large French Art Deco Mahogany Console

Item #959

This is a large, yet beautifully simple 1930's French mahogany console. Handsomely crafted with expertly matched medium/dark mahogany veneers and decorated with a single stark chrome tubular accent. The elegant harp shape whispers classic Art Deco style.

art deco console

Macassar and Ivory Petite Console

Item #772

A petite console crafted in macassar wood with inlaid ivory for decorative effect. This lovely console was made in France, circa 1930's


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