Art Deco Metalwork: French Fer Forge, Wrought iron, Edgar Brandt, German WMF, Cristofle

picture of art deco metal work

One of the things Art Deco offers is a variety of metalwork pieces. The deco era is especially famed for wrought iron (the French term is 'fer forge'). Edgar Brandt is the most celebrated artist for this type of work and we carry his lamps, decorative objects and mirrors. Often such work is unsigned by the maker, but also done with a distinctive style that reflects the "Brandt tradition". Radiator grills and covers made of metalwork are popular as consoles today. We also have beautiful silver, bronze and copper pieces (be sure to view our cocktail, tableware, lighting sections to see more). German WMF examples that have an Art Nouveau influence and elegant pieces from Cristofle are featured in our store and online.