Art Deco Humidors: Martini Club, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Custom, Cedar, Dunhill, Hydrometer

martini club humidors

Art Deco Collection custom made humidors:

Made specifically for the Martini Club-San Francisco/Buenos Aires.
For those looking for the finest in cigar accouterment, can we entice you with one of these delightful hand made boxes.

These beautifully detailed humidors are made for the devotee, aficionado or one to be! Much research has gone into refining the necessary details for maximum storage, humidification and function. These not high production or catalogue items, they are made specifically for our shop and online customers. We have experimented with swirly walnut, intense macasar wood and black lacquer. Please take a look through the examples shown below. We have taken our inspiration from the past and made, I a classic box, fit for a lifetime.

Each humidor is hand made to our specifications, using ultra fines woods and inlay material. All the interiors use, brass hinges, Spanish cedar: each with partitions and separators to customize and design "your" layout for whichever kind of cigars you like to smoke. From the smaller Robusto's to Churchill's and double Coronas! The choice is yours!

There are many different humidification systems available today and we have learned that not every system will work universally for each person. We can advise you on what we like to use, but we have decided to leave that final decision up to you. Each humidor includes an adjustable HygroSet ll digital Hygrometer.

art deco martini club humidors

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art deco desktop humidor

1. Desktop Humidor

This is our first humidor design with all the features one would expect for the perfect desktop humidor. It is a stylish box with our classic martini club inlay plus all the compartments you would expect for the interior utilizing the partitions and separators. Imagine sitting down at your desk, lighting up a nice Cohiba robusto and sipping a finely chilled martini.

Even William Powell would approve!

art deco Executive Humidor

2. Executive Humidor

With this fabulous box, we took the design to another level. There are two removable Cedar trays, both completely adjustable but scaled to allow use of a modern humidification such as the Oasis, if you choose , or a traditional sponge system. There is also a small area below the bottom tray which allows you use a sponge with moisture going upward or you can store a whole other level of your favorite smokes in addition to the trays. This is a substantial box, that can accommodate a larger collection of 300-400 cigars depending on size and layout.

art deco Aficionado Humidor

3. Aficionado Humidor

There is always someone out there who says,"I need something bigger" and here it is! It has all of the details and compartments of our Executive humidor, but this one also has a separate drawer which opens below the trays. This allows another complete area for storing your finest cigars with total humidification using either traditional sponges or an Oasis style humidification system. This box should accommodate 400-550 cigars depending on their size.

art deco Humidor Table

4. Humidor Table

Someone asked for a nice table to put their Executive or Aficionado humidor in its proper place. I guess he thought they are too big on a desk! I said "no problem", we came up with a great looking table, matching the wood and style of these great humidors. The tables are specifically made to perfectly rest on top! All the style and sophistication you could want, plus a drawer to boot (great place to store, cutters, lighters, and any other accouterment needed to have a righteous smoke. We've even had clients order them for side and end tables for their home.

art deco collection logo

In addition to our own custom made Martini Club humidors we will be offering, from time to time, vintage humidors with updated features. Some of these original humidors are 50-100 years old. By adding Spanish cedar inserts, some with humidification systems and restoring the original "old growth" woods to a like new finish we can offer a beautifully restored piece. Each humidor has its own story and history. Part of our continued commitment to quality and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Modernist lacquer humidor

Modernist lacquer humidor

Item B

From our custom made Argentine suppliers, this modernist Art Deco humidor is unique and beautiful to look at. The lacquer work is great using the simple approach of black/red and silver lacquer. Interior is typical Spanish cedar wood with moveable partition and humidifier.

art deco Desk Top Humidor

Classy Solid Mahogany Desk Top Humidor

Item C

Beautiful restored humidor. We've added some Spanish cedar lining and a proper hydrometer and humidifier.
This classic vintage piece is probably at least 60-70 years old but better the new, not that we've done our upgrade.

Art Deco Humidor

Alfred Dunhill Art Deco Humidor

Item E

The Alfred Dunhill humidor box, maybe one of the most soft after names in the fine art of cigar smoking and humidors. The walnut on this is absolutely stunning, with the top having a book-matched face with a slight burl effect as the light runs through it. We have done our normal upgrading to complete this vintage piece with new Spanish Cedar lining and partitions to give you the kind of seal to make humidifying your smokes the kind of detail required for an absolute top humidor and name. A real collectors. beautiful solid wood and Dunhill badge on the inside of the lid. This elegant humidor required many hours of restoration to return it to its original condition. This is a very unique and highly collectible humidor.

art deco Humidor

Large Vintage Marquetry Humidor

Item F

This wonderful humidor with exquisite inlays is an excellent example of the workmanship and quality of marquetry that is rarely seen today. Many hours were spent cutting and inlaying the intricate designs on this beautiful humidor. We have restored the humidor to its original condition, and it has been polished to a beautiful luster. Addition of overhead hydrometer and humidifier inlayed to the top for efficiency. Great seal

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