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Original Art Deco office chair European wood frame

Original Art Deco office chair European wood frame

Item #1812 SOLD

We just finished restoring this beautiful Art Deco office chair and it really is nice! Great shape and quite unique. Original wood with refreshed finish in great condition, new rich deep Burgundy leather upholstery and a brand new set of period style rubber casters. The chairs feels great when you sit down, it swivels and even rocks a bit back and forth. A perfect executive desk chair and I am sure it will offer the opportunity to have years and years of comfort and success. Nice wide seat and very comfortable for long term use.

six art deco club Chairs

Moderne Art Deco Swivel Club Chairs Great !!!!!!!!

Item #1792 SOLD

We finally were able to bring these wonderful art deco swivel club chairs back. This is a chair we've been promoting for years. Originally, we bought them back in France (the story is they came out of a hotel). We made some changes, but adding the swivel to the base helped make them tremendous hit. We were finally able to have the bases made (which are quite complicated to make and turned on a lathe), solid wood.

Art Deco Sofa Suite French Sofa Suite Streamline Sofa Suite

Fantastic Rare Art Deco French 3 piece Streamline Sofa Suite attributed to Adnet

Item #1774 SOLD

We are so excited to present this very unusual and rare 3 piece sofa suite. Of French origin, this is a project in the works for many years. We purchased this suite about 9 years ago and finally found the inspiration, time and money to restored this original modernist suite. This was approached with complete respect to the original design. The shape is something special and not something you probably will see again, at least on this web site. Please notice the shape, in the direction of the Frankll "Speed" chair, but that is where it ends. Instead of having those typical squared off arms, these more attractive, have a gentle curve, with a very unique stepped back (almost layered). I've never seen this treatment before. We wanted this suite to have a complete restoration, but we chose to go with leather (as the original).

The leather was hand chosen for this project. A very special tanning process with many steps but ultimately hand burnished to give that unique "antique" glazed look. It looks old, but has all the integrity of new materials outside and inside. The original bones are all there of course. It is so beautiful to see I just can't get over how great this looks.. You have to sit in it (so comfortable, guaranteed). The shape and pitch of the chairs just puts one in the right mood and ready to experience the day, the night, the life! For me, of course a "cocktail". Every now and then we get something so unique and the process of completion is a labour of love. This is one of those signature restorations for us. The size is also very nice. Not oversized, check the sizes below.

six art deco Chairs

6 Art Deco Dark Rosewood Dining/office chairs restored

Item #1785 SOLD

6 nice French Art Deco chairs, would make a great addition to your favorite deco dining experience. Restored beautifully in a dark rosewood stain with simple nubby neutral ribbed tweedy fabric. Elegant desgin and that classic French sophistication one has come to expect from those cultural leaders from the other side of the pond. Nice size, comfortable in girth, but definitely not oversized.

Victorian Nouveau Sofa suite

Wonderful restored original Victorian Nouveau Deco Sofa suite

Item #1735 SOLD

This stunning recent restoration in a warm tangerine/brown/dark pumpkin mohair is a real winner. Nice size and great shape. Very very comfortable. Not our typical deco undertaking, but we've worked with some wonderful designers who are using our great upholstered furniture in many sophisticated and elegant settings. This suite will certainly fit nicely for someone. The nice wood frames enhance the elegant but comfortable shape.

6 Art Deco Macassar dining/office chairs restored

6 Art Deco Macassar dining/office chairs restored

Item #1685 SOLD

6 Nice French Art Deco chairs, just off the boat. Recently restored with a very stylish cover of faux alligator in a nice variegated brown tone. The legs all solid Macassar stand out nicely against these stunning barrel back chairs. Comfortable and ready for service. Would make a great addition to any Art Deco environment. Not just "dinner for one" but "two" "three" "four" "five" "six". How do you say Ciao (chow)?

34" T x 19" W x 19" D

Glamourous Hollywood mohair side chairs, pair

Glamourous Hollywood mohair side chairs

Item #1662 SOLD

A wonderful newly restored vintage pair of Hollywood style channel backed chairs. I just love these chairs. So sophisticated, comfortable and elegant. We restored the original wood and utilized some great looking two-tone green mohair to create this great look of alternating channel tones. Also, there is a left and right to these chairs, so the placement will also have a nice detail Could not be more comfortable. Very Fred and Ginger (did I say Gin)?


Fabulous Hollywood Glamour Custom Restoration Sofa

Fabulous Hollywood Glamour Custom Restoration Sofa

Item #1650 SOLD

Presented here is one of my favorite recent restorations! This sofa has everything that I like: great colors (hunter green mohair and natural reflective leather), channel back styling and channel styling on the sides and front in leather. A lot of work has been done on this classic, but now a sofa you can enjoy for another 50 years. We do our signature tight cushion treatment, great for comfort and looking clean and crisp for years to come (nice contrasting welting). Whether your coming home to that after work cocktail or just relaxing reading your Ipad on a breezy day, this sofa will give you all the support, comfort and pleasure our customers have come to expect from Art Deco Collection. This is an original vintage framed restored to our usual high standards, one of a kind. Will be adding a couple of pillows to this beauty.

Stunning French leather chair with solid Macassar panels and feet

Stunning French leather chair with solid Macassar panels and feet

Item #1628 SOLD

This is a wonderful and special chair. Just completed restoration using some very special leather. The chair has been stuffed totally with a down cushion sitting on newly built springs. Feels great and feels like it would last another 50 years. The leather has a kind of retro look, almost as if it has that special patina you only get from years of use. Guess what, the leather is brand new. The chair is firm, so plenty of opportunity to break this classic club chair into someone's special seating area. Nice thing is the size, slightly small with a "big" look. Not over-sized, so it will fit into any kind of room: living room, library, office, den or bedroom. I can imagine a nice side table, with a bridge lamp and sipping your favorite beverage. I guess today you might be reading from your i-pad or kindle! Well that's about as retro as most people get these days.

31" T x 29" W x 27" D ( seat is 21" D x 17" T)

Rare and Exquisite French sofa suite by Paul Follot

Rare and Exquisite French sofa suite by Paul Follot

Rare and Exquisite French sofa suite by Paul Follot

Rare and Exquisite French sofa suite by Paul Follot

Item #1578 SOLD

We seem to be running on a little luck today! Presented here is a wonderful suite by master decorator Paul Follot. We just finished this perfect restoration, respecting the original design and using a wonderful rich brownish-gold velvet-mohair fabric. The subtle contrast of matching gimp brings out the stunning lines of the suites frame and design. Place close attention to the floral rosettes on the top and detailed wood skirt with quite unusual leg and foot treatment. These are all elements seen in the work of Paul Follot from the period (circa 1925). Some say this represents the first high period of true Art Deco (and from the strongest French tradition). This 3 piece set could create a stunning room, both for its intimate design and sophisticated splendor. Very comfortable: of course and ready for your personal period of true high Art Deco!

Sofa overall 54"W x 32"D x 31"T back
seat 26"D x 43"W
arm 26"T
chair overall 31"W x 32"D 29"T back
seat 22"D x 19"W
arms 26"T

Paul Follot, 1877 Paris 1941 Sainte-Maxime French decorator and crafts designer, was an Art déco traditionalist. From 1901-1903 he designed silver objects, textiles, bronzes and jewelry for the Paris gallery La Maison Moderne, run by the German art dealer Julius Meier-Graefe 1899-1903 in Paris. In it Meier-Graefe sold contemporary and, like Siegfried Bing in his gallery, L'Art Nouveau (1895-1904), promoted the spread and popularity of the new Art nouveau style. The designer Maurice Dufrêne, whose work exerted a strong influence on Paul Follot, also worked for Meier-Graefe. Paul Follot's early designs reveal the influence of Neo-Gothic, with foliate motifs predominating. In 1903 a - little known - group of artists joined forces as "L'Art dans Tout" and Paul Follot was a founding member. This group vociferously supported French crafts traditions since artisans felt threatened by the inexorable advance of industrialization, especially by the rapid rise of German industrial design. From 1904 Paul Follot worked as a self-employed designer. A more reticent and classical style began to show up in his work from 1910 and in this he was following the general trend toward Art déco. Throughout his career, Paul Follot designed silver for Orfèvrerie Christofle, textiles for Cornille et Cie and carpets for Savonnerie. In 1911 the English Wedgwood company commissioned designs from Paul Follot for their china. In 1923 Paul Follot became artistic director of Au Bon Marché. From 1928 Follot was one of the directors of the Paris branch of the English furniture company Waring & Gillow.

Stunning Art Deco Tub - Club chairs

Stunning Art Deco Tub - Club chairs

Item #1569 SOLD

A wonderful design, great wood treatment and a style of seating we do not find often enough. Spectacular Macassar side panels in a solid wood frame. The fabric is new, but has a great retro feel, a sort of soft tweed in solid burgundy leaning with a slight red accented with outstanding contrasting gimp piping. It just sets the whole thing off. Photos do not do them justice, so you might just have to fly into the shop and take a seat. Cushy feel and nice size, not to large, but very luxurious with a wonderful lush down stuffed loose cushion seat. We were fortunate enough to find 4, so if you have a the kind of room where you can use 4 chairs in one area then Great. We are selling them in pairs until they are gone.

25.5" W x 27" T x 27" D



Item #1552 SOLD

A fantastic and rare 1930's Tan-sad industrial swivel office desk chair, superb English Deco Industrial design, fully polished. This is a fabulous chair, very high quality and a great bit of British industrial design.

Cast aluminum throughout with steel seat sliders and swivel post. We dismantled the chair and hand stripped every piece of it's old painted finish then each piece was sanded to a bright satin finish to remove any casting flash or pitting. Following this we buffed every piece to a mirror shine. All new burnt pumpkin leather upholstery, new padding for the seat cushion, backs and arms. It has been reassembled and if I say so myself, I think it looks stunning! We also thoroughly cleaned and relubricated the steel sliders, casters and swivel post and it now all operates faultlessly. A comfy chair with both seat and height adjustment. Hard to imagine this chairs and its design was manufactured in the 1930's.

31.5"T X 27" W (arm to arm) 23" D

Art Deco Chair Fit for a King

Art Deco Chair Fit for a King

Item #1531 SOLD

This is a custom made chair taken from an original set we once had. It is truly fit for a king. Very comfortable and slightly over-sized. Beautiful mohair seating in both rich burgundy and creamy yellow. Great American movie theater kind of chair. Just sit back, relax and begin the evening in this lush soft, cozy chair. Martini's anyone?

43" W x 36" D x35" T (cushion 22" t)

Wonderful Original Art Deco leather side chairs

Wonderful Original Art Deco leather side chairs

Item #1512 SOLD

We don't find these very often, a matching pair of leather side chairs. Small in scale but big in looks and comfort. We have done a very special restoration to the frame with completely new upholstery, the leather finish features our very special hand burnished leather treatment. It has that aged look but is in perfect new condition. The color is quite striking a rather antiqued rich flamed pumpkin. Very nice the way the arms turn out gracefully which can be seen from the outside photo. Would make a stunning addition to a living room, office or seated area. Circa 1930s-40s most likely of American origin.

Overall 24”D x 28”W x 32”T
seat 20”D x 24”W x 18”T
arms 27.5”T

Spectacular French inspired Mustache Club chairs

Spectacular French inspired Mustache Club chairs

Spectacular French inspired Mustache Club chairs

Item #1490 SOLD

First time we've tried to re-create these wonderful French style club chairs. Inspired from a chair I found many years ago in France, these beauties have all of the impact, feel and comfort from the kind of chair you would LOVE to sit in. This is specially chosen leather (of the highest quality) and antiqued by hand, produced to give that wonderful aged glaze look you only see in old chairs. The great thing about these chairs is this: although they have been slightly reliced, the leather is not cracked or in a state of ruination as you typically find in old original leather club chairs. Completed with a mohair seat (which is an authentic detail) and antiqued brass nails heads. Also, notice the detail of the leather front feet, again something you rarely see in old chairs or new.

The size is great and I am sure you can imagine these in your private viewing room or just in viewing your private fireplace. They are sold in pairs and right now we have 4 pieces total in stock. Someone is going to love these, come in and try them on for size.

Period solid carved wood framed Nouveau to Deco Settee

Period solid carved wood framed Nouveau to Deco Settee

Item #1486 SOLD

A wonderful settee, recently restored. If you have that perfect little window, or corner, this is a lovely sofa. Look at all the nice carved details in the arms (but not too much) and the wonderful stepped upward shape of the back. Even the outline of the frame stylized to accentuates the back. Looks wonderful from the front or the back. A wonderful sofa, newly upholstered with a cream acorn motif fabric (tone on tone).

51" W X38"T X 24" D

Glamourous Elegant Art Deco Style 3 piece sofa suite

Glamourous Elegant Art Deco Style 3 piece sofa suite

Glamourous Elegant Art Deco Style 3 piece sofa suite

Item #1469 SOLD

Here is a sofa suite that is really special, the photos just do not show it off quite as well as should be. In any case, this is a newly reupholstered period suite, I believe from the late 1940's. Great workmanship, all pieces are perfectly upholstered in a rich bookbinder's green ultra suede. One of those colors that transforms with the light, the room and the way the nap is resting. Construction is all very well done, tight cushions with channel backs, my favorite for looks and also for longevity. This set can be as "glam" as you want to be, or as "fun" as you feel. I've never seen all 3 pieces before, we once has a single chair. I love the relationship you see to these nice sweeping angular lines of the chairs and sofa. It will really set off a room! When you sit in the chairs, they sort of "wrap you in them", the only thing missing? The dry martini or in the case of those sweet ladies we know, a little nip and tuck!

sofa: 82" W (at the top), 68" W (at the bottom), 42" T X 29" D
chairs: 37" T X 29" X (at the bottom) 29" D

Spectacular French Cozy Corner with Secretary, Bookcase etc.

Spectacular French Cozy Corner with Secretary, Bookcase etc.

Spectacular French Cozy Corner with Secretary, Bookcase etc.

Item #1468 SOLD

Well I don't know who needs it but someone is going to get this suite and love it. Original French Cozy Corner, circa 1930's, using spectacular book-matched "circadian" walnut with "wild" black grain OVER THE TOP! This set has it all: desk section - secretary, end bookcase, bed bookcase and the most wonderful sofa/couch using wonderful leather and classic mohair (upholstered like all of our sofas and very comfortable). Someone better stop me now, because I am getting just too too cozy "ooh"! The set comes apart into 3 sections and I guess it is possible to put the secretary/desk on the other end if your room required that adjustment to the installation. A really fun piece which would be a great addition to your library, guest room or cineplex.

desk section 29" W X 13" D X 46" T
end bookcase 48" W X 11" D X 41" T
bed bookcase 65" W X 11" D X 41" T
Couch 65" W X 29"D X 20" T

Overall Width from end to end 104"W

Hollywood Glamour Art Deco Unique Swivel Chairs

Hollywood Glamour Art Deco Unique Swivel Chairs

Hollywood Glamour Art Deco Unique Swivel Chairs

Item #1466 SOLD

Offered here is our latest creation. We had a pair of these chairs a few months ago and there was so much interest in them, we decided to re-create them for those of you who missed them the first time. Of course they are identical in every way except we found some fabulous Art Deco fabric inspired fabric that takes them to another level. The wonderful "volute" style design (a kind of abstract fountain) is about the best "new" fabric we've seen in years. The contrasting creamy mohair adds that elegant touch of period and sensibility. They also swivel so I am sure you can imagine all the fun one could have sharing cocktails on a pair of these. They would be ideal for an intimate corner setting, an special bedroom or an addition to your living room set up. Just enough style and design to make a serious statement and live in the world of art deco glamour!

31" W X 31" D X 27" T

Art Deco Queen Mary Ship Luxe chair

Art Deco Queen Mary Ship Luxe chair

Item #1462 SOLD

This is a wonderful chair. We just completed a perfect restoration showing some restraint to help maintain this original SOLID wood in Oak and burl chair. This chair is very heavy and really well made. Would make a great office chair, side chair or window chair. We used the finest anilin dyed leather with French style antique hammer nails. All edges of the leather are also lacquered on the edge to help create a wonderful original but yet still aged piece. You just have to sit in it, very luxe and Perfect! Also, nice "Long Beach City" registration tag on the bottom as it was taken sold from the Queen Mary in Long Beach California.

Height: 33, Width: 22, Depth: 24

Very Unique Art Deco Fainting Couch Sofa

Very Unique Art Deco Fainting Couch Sofa

Item #1441 SOLD

A wonderful original and restored Art Deco sofa. A real visual treat. The piece was lovingly restored! Please take note to see the beautifully inlayed abalone and mother of pearl inlay in the wood, executed in a kind of modernist pattern (not random for sure). Someone originally took care to design this with the utmost care and use of fine materials. This newly reupholstered piece has a dynamic fabric that certainly will draw your attention not only to its unique and exquisite shape, but also offers an point of view that would be hard to find anywhere else. This one of a kind piece is looking for just the right home and just maybe you are the right person!

76" L x 27" W x 42" T (tallest point) 21" T from the ground

Spectacular Art Deco 3 piece Settee with club chairs in Art Deco fabric

Spectacular Art Deco 3 piece Settee with club chairs in Art Deco fabric

Spectacular Art Deco 3 piece Settee with club chairs in Art Deco fabric

Item #1420 SOLD

Spectacular Art Deco 3 piece Settee with club chairs in Art Deco fabric This is a wonderful 3 piece set I've been holding back for years. Well I've finally decided to restore it. We have been selling upholstered furniture extremely well in the last year, we just do not keep these wonderful suites around. This 3 piece set originated from England, oh you should have seen the fabric we took off, some kind of tapestry with a rather Victorian point of view UGH! We've done our little magic, all new foundations, restored the wood, tight cushions and of course we've utilized the last of this wonderful circular tone on tone art deco fabric. It is enhanced with a beautiful golden ultra-suede and the combination is a knock out! Have I said anything about the comfort? I think our upholster has figured it all out and it is great! Normally the chairs are always more comfortable then the sofas, but this sofa feels just as good as the chairs. Hey enough talk, come on down and take it for test drive, I think you will see what i mean. Feels great!

sofa 58" W X 31" D X 31" T
chair 31" X 31" X 31"

Hollywood Glamour Art Deco Chairs Unique

Hollywood Glamour Art Deco Chairs Unique

Hollywood Glamour Art Deco Chairs Unique

Item #1416 SOLD

Some lucky household is going to take these home and have all kinds of fun and enjoyment. We are offering here a pair of very very unique original art deco chairs (of course we spend some time doing our magic to them). The upholstery is new of course and we are using the last of this special out of print circular fabric that emits art deco over and over again. I just love the sweeping frame accentuated by the perfect matching rusty - brown - orange velvet. We bought these chairs sometime ago and have been waiting for the right inspiration to complete them. This nice voluptuous round throne is finished with a custom swivel bottom which brings it all together. ENJOY!

31" W X 31" D X 27" T

Original Art Deco Bar stools

Original Art Deco Bar stools

Item #1415 SOLD

Part of the hunt is to always be looking for original art deco bar stools. I never give up on this (almost impossible to find good ones). As you know we even produce our own stool, which you can check as item #1154 under seating. Well I got lucky and found 4 original stools, of course I did have to change the upholstered tops (they were not very nice). So you know here you have 4 originals, not huge in size, but very stylized, circa 1930's. Original black lacquer wood legs with nickel plated brass hardware. No butts about it.

32" T X 12" W X 12" D

Spectacular ornate wood framed Art Deco club chairs

Spectacular ornate wood framed Art Deco club chairs

Item #1404 SOLD

Very dramatic and comfortable pair of French style club chairs. The fabric is an open natural honey colored fabric. All the edges are completed with individual nails to accentuate the shape and style of the frame. Nicely done. I've never seen much of this kind of wood before, It is called "palisandro de rio" In any event, enough about the wood, it is really about the chairs. Take a good look and please ask any questions.

30" W X 30"D X 29" T

Art Deco library club living room chairs with period style fabric

Art Deco library club living room chairs with period style fabric

Item #1401 SOLD

A wonderful pair of art deco chairs, suited for many places in your home. This classic shape with dark wood frame and accented inlays stands out beautifully against the wonderful cream patterned tone on tone stylized leaf pattern fabric. These fabrics are so great and we do not find them often. Each chair also comes with its own custom kidney pillow for added comfort. Nice size that will fit in most any room.

28" W X 28" D X 33" T

Art Deco Club chairs with diamond fabric

Art Deco Club chairs with diamond fabric

Item #1392 SOLD

A wonderful small pair of newly upholstered art deco club chairs. Perfect for almost any location. Lots of nice details. First, a wonderful cream diamond motif fabric (wish I had more of this). The wood is a highly polished oak frame (grained filled) and it feels very smooth. Also nice details of nail heads which outline both the outside and inside wood frame and arms. Comfortable and ready to go. Hard to find a smaller pair of chairs as luxurious as these. Small foot print.

27" X 27" X 27"

Original restored French Art Deco sofa suite, settee with fabulous wood

Original restored French Art Deco sofa suite, settee with fabulous wood

Original restored French Art Deco sofa suite, settee with fabulous wood

Item #1369 SOLD

OK, I know you haven't seen one like this before. What a wonderful find and the more I look at it, the more I realize how remarkable this suite is. The wood frames are outstanding. You do not typically see sophisticated wood suites like this with beautiful French polish. It is gleaming like the day it was born. Look at the graceful outlines of the chair and sofa. Usually, one would think that is enough, but the way it wraps around the back certainly shows that both the designer and the craftsperson who made this had a compatible vision. How do you work with wood and create a graceful design like this? Here are the results. The wood has just been renewed and the sofa innards and velvet cream fabrics take you to a place "kind of like in the clouds". Did I say the word "comfortable"? You better believe it. Or better yet, come in and try them out!

30" T X 53" W X 27" D Sofa
30" T X 27" W X 27" D Chairs

Spectacular Art Deco Two-tone Glamour sofa with original animal carving

Spectacular Art Deco Two-tone Glamour sofa with original animal carving

Spectacular Art Deco Two-tone Glamour sofa with original animal carving

Item #1366 SOLD

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present here, one of the most unique American Art Deco sofa designs we've seen for some time. I just LOVE this sofa. Please take a moment to take in the wonderful carved stylized art deco Pelican birds. They totally balance and support this wonderful two-tone channel back mohair treatment. This sofa will certainly take you back to the glamour of Hollywood and sitting in one of the fabulously restored movie theaters like the Paramount or the Fox. The colors are wonderful together, a warm rust-pumpkin with nice contrasting sandlewood-beige. both in mohair (just like the originals). Imagine if you can, sitting there after a long days work, fall into the nice supportive channel back which is complimented by the soft tight cushion springs. How about a nice cocktail? You can't go wrong with this one. I think it might be a one of a kind.

87" W X 36" D X 30" T (seat 16" off the floor)

Spectacular Art Deco English Epstein Cloud Sofa Suite rare Wood Frames

Spectacular Art Deco English Epstein Cloud Sofa Suite rare Wood Frames

Spectacular Art Deco English Epstein Cloud Sofa Suite rare Wood Frames

Spectacular Art Deco English Epstein Cloud Sofa Suite rare Wood Frames

Item #1348 SOLD

YES, YES, YES, FINALLY completed after more than 7 months of restoration. Great things often do take time. This is one of finest Art Deco sofa suites we've offered ever! The last cloud set we had sold in less then 10 days. This one is circa 1930's, it is an original set and has been completely restored and refurbished beyond its origins in both looks and material. The finest quality ultra suede fabrics (looks like real suede) in a luscious beige softness (not white) color that really implies what the English designer Epstein had in mind. This suite could have been originally part of the living room furniture from many a mansions throughout England. We have kept true to the original design with loose cushions (soft springs), single welting and oriignal mahagony wood restoration.

They are like sitting on soft puffy clouds, well heaven can wait! Each piece is surrounded in a med-dark brown mahogany shell, which helps to set off the round curvature design. From the side you can see the beginning of a tear drop design. If you look closely you can see how perfect the upholstery was completed. The seams are all lined up but the backs and cushions are tight and smooth. Once you sit down, you realize how much effort was considered to accomplish a cleansoft cushion design, yet still feel very supple and soft. Someone is going to like this set very very much!

Sofa: 66W X 34" D X 30" T
Chairs:29" W X 34" D X 30"T

Original American Art Deco Wingback Chairs- a real bonanza!

Original American Art Deco Wingback Chairs- a real bonanza!

Original American Art Deco Wingback Chairs- a real bonanza!

Item #1347 SOLD

We are offering you a pair of restored wingback chairs like nothing you've seen before. Originally from the art deco period probably made circa 1920's, but updated using real "black angus" hides complimented with rich black cowhide leather. I haven't seen anything like this combination! The upholstery work is fantastic and the way the chair and its wingback flair, the slight mustache lip on the back of the chair, all held together with hand hammered nails. There are many nice details, with leather welting on the chair, the sprung cushions all sitting on a beautiful black lacquer wood base. Stunning chairs, very unique and could work in many different settings. Just use your imagination, sit there reading the latest copy of "How The West Was Won" or "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"! Where is Big Daddy! (Oh, he is the guy who made these)!

43" T X 32" W X 28" D

Fabulous Faux Leopard Carved library chairs!

Fabulous Faux Leopard Carved library chairs!

Fabulous Faux Leopard Carved library chairs!

Item #1345 SOLD

Here is something a bit different from us at Art Deco Love is funny thing (oh I mean design) and you can never turn your back on a great design. This is a large pair of Continental finely carved mahogany library chairs with hump backs, rolled arms, loose cushion (new soft springs) seats and carved hoof feet legs. Lots of great wood detail throughout the frame, very unusual chairs all around. These chairs are a little early for the Art Deco period circa 1910, but the design leans strongly into some of the repetitive details known for art deco design and in this fabric, they have a mind of their own. I mean what's the difference between a few years when it comes to old friends? That is the luxury of being the boss, I buy what I like and I thought these chairs would really be great for the right room, the right home and someone with the right attitude. I love them!

34" T X 43" W X 29" D

Wonderful Petite Art Deco pair of fan-backed chairs. Original and Custom!

Wonderful Petite Art Deco pair of fan-backed chairs. Original and Custom!

Item #1344 SOLD

Here are a pair of chairs I've been waiting to complete for about 5 years. We finally got to it and they came out terrific. This is an original frame that has been restored using 3 different fabrics, faux leopard, black and tan mohair. I love the slightly oversized black mohair welting. We were even fortunate or clever enough to add some swivels to the bases which makes this chair really interesting and fun. They would be ideal for a small corner setting, an intimate bedroom or an addition to your living room set up. Just enough style and design to make a serious statement and live in the world of art deco glamour!

33" T X 24" W X 24" D

American Art Deco Sofa Suite great hollywood style, glamour and comfort!

American Art Deco Sofa Suite great hollywood style, glamour and comfort!

American Art Deco Sofa Suite great hollywood style, glamour and comfort!

Item #1343 SOLD

It seems like many months since we've finished one of these wonderful sofa suites for our store inventory (we do a lot of custom upholstery and always take care of our customers first). This is a wonderful American Art Deco sofa and really one of my personal favorites. When we restored these original frames, we took the opportunity to even slightly improve on the original design. You can see the "tight" cushion seating, rather than loose cushions as was the typical way these sofa's were originally completed. I think the tight cushions look great for a long period of time and you never get that uneven imbalances from having 3 separate cushions. The nice round side "s" curves just shouts Art Deco design.

This is what I have in my home. You can ask my wife, I even find it quite comfortable to take a little cat nap in the afternoon when I get a day off. With this particular suite, you can see lots of channel work, along the back, the sides and even the front. You can also see our signature of contrasting leather with contrasting leather welting throughout. Imagine sitting home, watching Fred and Ginger dancing "Cheek to Cheek" as you lounge in your comfy satin robe(s) sipping a classic martini! Ah, now that is the life and of course the way I live!

90" W X (67" interior seat) X 35" T X 39" D seat height 15"T
43" W (21"" interior seat) X 35" T X 39" D seat height 15" T

Classic Bauhaus Chaise Lounge in metal circa 1940s

Classic Bauhaus Chaise Lounge in metal circa 1940s

Item #1340 SOLD

Here is my personal take on a very elegant streamlined Bauhaus style chaise lounge. We restored and reupholstered it in a soft faux chestnut brown mink. I love the vertical linear impression the fabric has to help create a luxurious minimal elegance. What's also great about this piece is its ability to be adapted into an elegant Art Deco boudoir vanity lounge, a mid century living room or alone in a corner to fit in any room with good taste. It is a design statement with a style and edge of its own. We replaced the padding with a nice firm but comfortable foundation. The chrome has been redone and the overall condition is near perfect.

65" L X 25" W X 25" T with pillow

Czech Bentwood Art Deco Chairs

Czech Bentwood Art Deco Chairs

Czech Bentwood Art Deco Chairs

Item #1334 SOLD

If you ever were thinking about a great pair of restored original Art Deco bentwood chairs, I think you have found them. I've had these for a few years and just completed total restoration and making new cushions. The chairs are from Czechoslovakia and were done during the 1930's. The bentwood frames are striking and the use of wood graining to help create the dynamic look of the U shaped arms with an amboyna like support insert. The cushions are mohair and all new sprung coils with a rope style welting. Did I tell you they adjust to 4 different angles, many options for sure. All newly chromed hardware.

26" W X 38" D X 32" T
seat cushion 21" X 19" D

Spectacular Art Deco English Epstein Cloud Sofa Suite 3 pieces

Spectacular Art Deco English Epstein Cloud Sofa Suite 3 pieces

Spectacular Art Deco English Epstein Cloud Sofa Suite 3 pieces

Item #1309 SOLD

WOW!, This has to be one of the finest Art Deco sofa suites we've presented for sale in some time. Circa 1930's, it is an original set and  has been completely restored and refurbished beyond its origins in both looks and material.  The finest quality leather skins possible in a luscious cream (not white) color that really implies what the English designer Epstein had in mind. This suite could have been originally part of the living room furniture from a mansion in the South of England. They are like sitting on soft puffy clouds, well heaven can wait!  Each piece it outlined in a med brown mahogany strip, which helps to set off the round curvature design. If you look closely you can see how perfect the upholstery was completed. The seams are all lined up and there leather looks both tight and full.  Once you sit down, you realize how much effort was considered to  accomplish a clean tight seat cushion design, yet still feel very supple and soft. Someone is going to like this very very much!


Sofa:    64" W X 34" T  (highest point) X 22" D (seat is 15" off the floor)
Chairs: 28.5" W X 34"T(highest point) X 22" D (seat is 15" off the floor)
Classic Art Deco Mohair Club chairs

Classic Art Deco Mohair Club chairs

Item #1304 SOLD

Here is a beautiful pair of classic Art Deco Mohair Club chairs. These are in original condition and are in amazing shape. The color is darker then the photos, a rich burgundy period color.

Height: 25 in. Width/Length: 25 in. Depth: 28 in

Art Deco Brown Leather Club Chair and Ottoman

Art Deco Brown Leather Club Chair and Ottoman

Item #1287 SOLD

European Moderne Leather Chair and Ottoman; Sit back and relax in style with a buttery smooth brown leather chair piped in cream accents with accompanying ottoman. This has the lines and drama of a bigger club chair, yet it is not "oversized", it is simply one of the most comfortable chairs we have offered.

29.5" wide, 30" tall.
The seat is 19" w and a full 21 "deep.
The ottoman is 20" wide, 13.5" high and 12" deep

Art Deco Settee sofa

Art Deco Settee sofa

Item #1256 SOLD

Quite a charming sofa, great lines and original as far as we can tell. The fabric treatment is especially nice, it is stamped leather with bold cream piping. The leather is stamped with a crocodile pattern, similar to the luggage you might see from the late 40’s and 50’s. In any event, the stepped front legs are quite obviously art deco. The piece has not been restored and it doesn’t need to be. The shape is rather unusual, almost asymmetrical the way the top flares back, yet tapers down the sides. Great condition, great style and perfect for that special corner or area in your home or office.

51” Width
28” Tall
20” Deep

Art Deco Modernist Armchairs • Pair

Art Deco Modernist Armchairs • Pair

Art Deco Modernist Armchairs • Pair

Item #1176 SOLD

Curvilinear design and rare Macassar Ebony are the key features of these substantial Art Deco Armchairs with their strong Modernist design. As solidly built as their appearance suggests and comfortable enough to watch both "Casablanca" and "Grand Hotel"! The tan upholstery is velvety to the touch and perfectly contrasts/compliments the boldly grained Macassar of the curved arms.

The Measurements:
33-1/2" Tall X 30-1/4" Wide
18" Tall Seat Height

About Macassar Ebony:
Macassar grows in the East Indies, Philippine Islands, and predominately in the Celebes Islands of Indonesia. It prefers well-drained, rocky soil, and is sometimes found near water. Macassar Ebony is rare and is one of the most expensive timbers on the commercial market. Macassar Ebony trees are reported to be generally small, and attain an average height of about 50 feet, with a trunk diameter of about 16 inches.

Makassar, (sometimes spelled Macassar or Mangkasar) is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the largest city on Sulawesi Island. From 1971 to 1999, the city was formally named Ujung Pandang, after a pre-colonial fort in the city, and the two names are often used interchangeably. During the colonial era, the city was famous for being the namesake of Makassar oil, which it exported in great quantity. Macassar Ebony possesses a warm black hue, streaked with tan or brown tones, and highly prized for use in making fine cabinetry and veneers.

Art Deco Cozy-Corner / Daybed / Sofa

Art Deco Cozy-Corner / Daybed / Sofa

Art Deco Cozy-Corner / Daybed / Sofa

Item #1170 SOLD

Talk about comfort! This glamorous Art Deco Cozy-Corner takes at-home relaxation to a new and luxurious level. Our Cozy-Corner is upholstered in an off-white fabric with an Art Deco shell-inspired motif in black. The sofa section is trimmed with Macassar woods and nestled between two attached and richly grained Macassar cabinets. Each of the cabinets feature open fronts with adjustable shelving, side storage with doors and adjustable shelving and chrome hardware. Both, the cabinets and the sofa's trim feature striking and intricate invroid inlay details. This cozy and generously sized...uh...Cozy-Corner is perfect for guest seating while entertaining but simply irresistible to nappers world-wide.

The Measurements:
107-1/2" Wide X 32-1/2" Deep X 37" Tall (back)
Each cabinet measures 25-3/4" Deep X 13-1/2" Wide X 27" Tall

Art Deco Barstool Trio • Chrome and Antelope

Art Deco Barstool Trio • Chrome and Antelope

Art Deco Barstool Trio • Chrome and Antelope

Item #1164 SOLD

Wow! Here's a stunning trio of Streamline/Art Deco chrome barstools with seat cushions that have been upholstered with real Antelope skin tops. The contrast of cool, gleaming chrome to warm, tactile Antelope transcends description and is Art Deco design at its finest. The chrome bases of these stools are very heavy and extremely well-made. The gorgeous cushions are firm and very comfortable. These rare barstool triplets won't be here for long - I have a strong feeling about that!

The Measurements:
29-1/2" Tall X 12" Diameter

Art Deco Vanity Stool

Art Deco Vanity Stool

Art Deco Vanity Stool

Item #1158 SOLD

Here's a glamorous vanity stool made of beautiful and rare Amboyna wood with a cushion upholstered with beautiful Antelope. The stool features a rotating top which reveals a practical storage area below for cosmetics, magazines, remotes etc. Additionally, this precious little stool would be just as perfectly at home utilized as a foot rest or extra seating in the living area of your home.

The Measurements:
20" Tall X 19" Diameter

Art Deco Barstools

Art Deco Barstools

Art Deco Barstools

Item #1154 SOLD

Art Deco barstools - period. Made with rosewood and gleaming chrome streamline hardware and accents. The two-tone (brown/cream) leather seat cushions are both beautiful and very comfortable. They're upholstered in a supple medium brown and cream colored leather. These fetching barstools with strong deco design are built to last. They measure 32" in height and the seats are a very stable and comfortable 15" in diameter.

Art Deco Barstools • Antelope

Art Deco Barstools • Antelope

Art Deco Barstools • Antelope

Item #1151 SOLD

Here's a very spectacular looking pair of Art Deco barstools made of redwood with gleaming chrome streamline hardware and accents. The seat cushions are both incredibly beautiful and very comfortable. They're upholstered with a supple medium brown leather with real Antelope skin tops. Yes, these barstools are truly rarified! They measure 32" in height and are a very stable and comfortable 15" in diameter.

1940s Czech Art Deco Bentwood Chair • Pair

1940s Czech Art Deco Bentwood Chair • Pair

1940s Czech Art Deco Bentwood Chair • Pair

Item #1130 SOLD

These striking Bentwood chairs were made in Czechoslovakia during the 1940s. They've recently been expertly refinished and reupholstered with a gorgeous Belgian Art Deco fabric. These stylish chairs boast a fantastic design and are not only beautiful but they're also very comfortable.

The Measurements:
31" Tall X 31" Deep X 28" Wide

About the Bentwood process:
Bentwood is a term used to describe furniture made by steaming wood, bending it, and then letting it harden into curved shapes and patterns. It is most often used in the production of rocking chairs, cafe chairs, and other light furniture. The process was developed by Michael Thonet, a German woodworker, who received a patent in 1856.

1940s Warren MacArthur Art Deco/Modernist Folding Chairs with Removable Desktops • Pair

1940s Warren MacArthur Art Deco/Modernist Folding Chairs with Removable Desktops • Pair

1940s Warren MacArthur Art Deco/Modernist Folding Chairs with Removable Desktops • Pair

1940s Warren MacArthur Art Deco/Modernist Folding Chairs with Removable Desktops • Pair

Item #1101 SOLD

These innovative and superbly designed 1940s Warren McArthur folding chairs are brimming with style and comfort. They would be perfect in a home office, home theater (with a great place to put your soda and popcorn!) or just simply for extra seating. The tactile and thick green vinyl cushions have springs and make for the most comfortable folding chair that I've ever occupied. In addition, the removable desktop comes in handy for multitudinous purposes. The Modernist tubular aluminum construction, hardware and upholstery are all American-made and solid.

About Warren McArthur

Warren McArthur was an American industrial design genius who lived from 1885 to 1961. Mostly unappreciated and unheralded until recent years, McArthur is now considered one of America's most original designers. The son of wealthy parents, McArthur grew up in Chicago when it was a hotbed of innovation and progress. When he was 8, his father commissioned a house from Frank Lloyd Wright. McArthur earned an engineering degree from Cornell in 1908. In 1914 he joined his brother Charles in the then tiny city of Phoenix. His father gave each son a stake of $100,000 to get started in business. They prospered, opening successful car and truck dealerships from Arizona to Mexico. They founded Phoenix's first radio station, the Arizona Club and the Arizona Museum.

In 1923 the father asked the brothers to build him a vacation house in Phoenix, with the help of a third son, Albert Chase McArthur, an architect who had trained as a draftsman with Wright. The sons built the house, but nearly ran out of cash for the project. To save money, Warren offered to design the furniture himself and have it made locally. He created the furniture out of tubular metal; this was in 1924, a year before Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier or Mies van der Rohe designed any tubular steel seating. Breuer's revolutionary Wassily chair, named for its inspiration, the handlebars on the painter Wassily Kandinsky's bike, was designed in 1925. No pre-World War II American modern designers were on par with the Europeans, except for McArthur. To give his aluminum furniture cultural panache, McArthur consciously compared it to silver and had it polished to look like muted silver. It never had the harshness of chrome. Warren moved to Los Angeles and set up a furniture fabrication company. Suddenly, aluminum was fashionable. The architect Paul Williams commissioned him to design 30 pieces of aluminum furniture for the Hollywood pool of members of the Cord family, the Indiana car tycoons. Jack Warner put McArthur tubular furniture in his house, as did Marlene Dietrich, Fredric March and Clark Gable, Mr. Brown said. McArthur furniture was made for the architect Rudolf Schindler's design of Sardi's restaurant in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, the company went bankrupt in 1933, and McArthur moved to New York, where he set up a sales office at 1 Park Avenue. When World War II broke out, aluminum was classified as a strategic commodity and outlawed for private use. But McArthur was soon involved in the war effort. ''In 1940 alone, he outfitted 40 vessels,'' Mr. Brown said. ''He designed 500 models for aircraft seating. In fact, he probably did at least 65 percent of all the aircraft seating for World War II, for the Navy and also for the Army Air Corps, which later became the Air Force.'' After the war, things did not go so well, and he closed his factory in 1948.

The Measurements:
35" Tall X 20" Deep X 21" Wide

1930s Sofa & Chair Set

1930s Sofa & Chair Set

1930s Sofa & Chair Set

1930s Sofa & Chair Set

Item #1091 SOLD

Glamour AND comfort! This beautiful 1930s sofa and chair set has been beautifully reupholstered in a luxurious (can't-keep-my-hands-off) maroon crushed velvet with contrasting supple and cream-colored leather arm panels and binding. The construction of both the chair and the sofa has been painstakingly re-built and slightly re-designed to offer modern-day comfort and durability with yesteryear sophistication. They're simply gorgeous.

The Measurements:
Sofa - 86" Wide X 34" Tall X 32" Deep
Chair - 40" Wide X 34" Tall X 32" Deep

deco sofa suite

Deco Sofa Suite

Item #923 SOLD

Fantastic restored sofa suite.  This is a beautiful  set, recently restored with a very nice treatment of three fabrics, the colors are very sophisticated, a misty sea foam green velvet which compliments an original art deco reproduction repeat pattern with multiple colors, all outlined in a mist light green/beige ultra suede.  The sofa and chair are all channel backed for style and support. A real winner.  The sofa size is 85" W X 37" D by 28" T. The club chair is 39" W X 33" D X 34" T, part of the new Art Deco Collection line of furniture. We can reproduce this set to accommodate a custom design and fabric treatment.

art deco bar stools

Item #834 SOLD

Your martini will taste much better as you are seated on one of these dynamic bar stools. These three, chrome and black leather stools, were made by the Chase Company, circa 1930's.

rose velvet chair

French Mahogany Rose Velvet Chair

Item #832 SOLD

This gorgeous rose velvet chair (one of two shown) is a superb example of 1930's French craftsmanship. The dark stained mahogany has been beautifully carved in a spiral design, complimenting the soft rose colored fabric. 28" W x 34.5" H (seat is 20.5" W x 22" D x 17" H)

art deco sofa

Item #814 SOLD

A  plush and comfortable 1930's sofa, newly upholstered in a retro beige and rust chenille,  accented with ultra-suede. It looks especially stylish paired with our “Fox Theater Carpet” 82" W x 31" D x 30" H (21" to top of the arms).

european chairs

European Mahogany Chairs

Item #807 SOLD

This superb pair of European 1950's chairs, with matching ottomans, still have the original upholstery. Crafted in mahogany, with decorative brass feet. (Most of the photos are true to the color fabric). 27.5" W x 26.5" D x 28.5" H (seat is 20" W x 18.5" D x 14.5" H)

french deco chairs

Item #795 SOLD

This is a fabulous set of six 1930's modernist dining chairs. Made in France, and crafted of rosewood, the chairs are newly upholstered in a taupe color velvet fabric. These gorgeous chairs would compliment any vintage or contemporary dining table. 17" W x 39.5" T (seat-17" W x 17.5" D x 17" T)

pair of frnch chairs

South American Deco Chairs

Item #789 SOLD

These South American chairs from the 1930s have been newly upholstered in cowhide, trimmed with the glossy black lacquered wood. Brass studs accent the arms and the back of the chair. These chairs make a strong statement with compact styling.,  very comfortable, they  would add a little pizzazz to your seating area. 27.5" W x 27.5" D x 28" T (seat measures 21.5" W x 19" D x 15" T)

french deco chairs

Item #788 SOLD

These are a stunning pair of French deco chairs, circa 1930's, that have been newly upholstered in black leather. The combination of black leather with a dual wood design (satinwood and mahogany) create a very dramatic effect. 27" W x 34" D x 31" T (the seat measures 22" W x 20" D x 17" T)

art deco sofa

Item #766 SOLD

This is a fantastic vintage American sofa! The piece is newly upholstered in beige chenille, with burgundy and teal strands running through the fabric. The sofa is quite unique and would look exceptional in either your living room or office. 92" W x 38.5" D x 24.5" H

deco suite

deco sofa and chairs

French Leather Deco Suite

Item #764 SOLD

A classic deco suite that consists of a sofa and two chairs. Each piece is newly upholstered in black leather with red piping, which compliments the beautifully restored, honey-color ribbonwood. This set was made in France during the 1930's. The sofa measures 54.5" W x 31" D x 32" H and 24.5" H at the arms (sofa seat-44" W x 21" D x 16" H), each chair measures 29.5" W x 30.5" D x 30" H (seat-17.5"W x 21" D x 16" H).

French Cozy corner

Item #748 SOLD

Another spectacular cozy corner! This gorgeous piece was crafted in France during the 1930's and is made of mahogany with chrome details and newly upholstered in a luscious cream colored chenille. The whole piece measures 98" W x 34.5" D x 31.5" H, the seating area is 75" W x 23.5" D x 16.5" H and the back cushion is 13" H.

french chairs

Item #732 SOLD

A lovely pair of vintage French chairs. These chairs are upholstered in a burgundy leather and accented with studs at the back. Each chair measures: back 32.5" tall, arms 23" wide, seat 18" wide x 18" deep x 17.5" high.

art deco sofa set

Item #688 SOLD

Simply dynamic! This set will be a stunning addition to someones living room, with a vintage look and style not found in todays modern furniture. Besides the superb design this sofa and chair are extremely comfortable. The set is American, circa 1930's, but newly upholstered in a velvety tan/rust embrossed fabric and rust color ultra-suede. These fabrics are functional and durable for todays lifestyle. (The photos don't accurately show the true rust color of both fabrics). Sofa measures 92.5" W x 35" D x 30" H (sofa seat-66" W x 22.5" D), chair measures 44" W x
36" D x 30" H (chair seat-20" W x 22" D)

Item #667 SOLD

This sofa suite is amazing! Great lines and original color-combo (new fabric) make this a unique living room set. The suite is Spanish, late 1940's, and is newly upholstered in leatherette with the same color combination used when it was new. This comfortable trio would be ideal for either home or office. The sofa measures 54.5" W x 31" D x 32" H (seat is 46.5" W x 21" D), the chairs are 26.5" W x 30.5" D x 32" H (seat is 18.5" W x 21" D).

Item #665 SOLD

Truly a glamorous piece of furniture and not unlike something seen in an old Hollywood movie. This is a 1930's American sofa, newly upholstered, in a luscious burgundy-brown mohair with leather accents in light tan. One can imagine Greta Garbo lounging on this sofa. The sofa measures 83.5" W x 38" D x 31" H, the seat measures 61.5" W x 23" D.

French Mahogany Chairs

Item #654 SOLD

These four lovely mahogany chairs are French 1930's. Although sold separately, they do match a fantastic pivoting game table (item #653 in furniture/small tables). A chair measures - seat is 17.5" W x 16.5" D x 18" T, and 35.5" T at the back of the chair.

Item #631 SOLD

A stunning livingroom suite; includes a sofa and two chairs, newly upholstered in a taupe color textured fabric with ultra-suede piping. One chair is vintage, whereas the other chair and sofa are newly constructed, and made to match the original. The sofa measures 60.5" W x 35" D x 34" T (sofa seat is 22.5" D), chairs measure 28.5" W x 36.5" T at the tallest point and 26" T at the lowest point of the back (chair seat is 32" W x 22" D).

Handmade Club Chairs

Item #623 SOLD

These extremely comfortable one of a kind chairs are hand-made (newly constructed), and covered in a textured fabric and soft leather.
37.5" W x 31.5" D x 33.5" T (seat-17" W x 20.5" D)

Item #584 SOLD

Pair of Czech Halabala recliners, made of a stunning bent black lacquer wood and upholstered in an usual diamond pattern modernist fabric, in neutral and black. These are newly constructed chairs of the highest quality, and adjust in either the front or back to a reclining position. Originally designed in the 1930's by Jindrich Halabala, who was one of the most important Czech furniture designers of the period.
26"W X 37" D X 35" T.

Item #583

Sumptuous over-sized pair of club chairs, upholstered in a teddy-bear brown mohair with creamy velvet accents. 43 W x 39 D x 30 H

Item #582 SOLD

Beautiful French side chairs with black lacquer bent-wood, upholstered in a luscious creamy velvet with black wool accents. 26 W x 22 D x 28 H

Item #578

Cozy corner, quite unusual French sofa with modernist frame in walnut with chrome trim. End piece can be used either flush right, left or centered on a wall. New Mohair and leather day bed treatment. Very comfortable 85"W X 42" D X 38" T.

Item #575 SOLD

Pair of petite French club chairs, circa 1940's, new restoration, fantastic supple leather, with contrasting beige/black fabric, very comfortable, with or without martini!

Item #560 SOLD

1935 Czech Hermes croc-leather lounge chairs. 23” W x 25” D x 30” T. The seat is 20” deep, and the height from floor to seat is 14”.

Item #556 SOLD

Two-toned mohair and leather sofa suite accented with beautifully carved wood trim. This set includes a male and female chair. Sofa: 80” W x 36” D x 34” T. Both chairs are 41” W x 36” D x 34” T.

streamline sofa suite

Item #546 SOLD

Fantastic restored American streamline sofa suite, consisting of sofa and matching chair. The fabric is the highest quality mohair, with sprung cushions, firm but very comfortable. No sloppy cushions here. The interior fabric is inspired from the Deco period.
The mohair is a chocolate brown and the interior jacquard has nice warm overtones. This is an exceptional design.
The sofa is 82" Long X 34" D X 36" T, the chair is 34" W X 34" D X 36" Tall.

art deco seating

Item #534 SOLD

Day bed, fainting coach off white with brown accent. Deco sofa great design can be used like a regular sofa as well. Very comfortable. – 80” wide, 29” tall, 31” deep

art deco seating

Item #530 SOLD

Wonderful macasar streamline French chairs. These are newly made in Europe and upholstered here in the US. Imagine sitting in these after a long day and sipping on a perfect martini. That ought to get you in a good mood! They are really comfortable.

art deco rattan seating

Item #525 SOLD

Fabulous restored rattan set. Very large and complete. 2 sofas, 3 chairs, square corner table, 3 small side tables, 2 desk lamps, 1 torchier, and fabulous bar cart. The fabric is a retro-inspired rich burgundy with light green trim. All the lights have matching "foss" leather shades. This is a fantastic set for someone. The cushions have all been sprung and are very well done. The total price for all 12 pieces is $13,000.

french club chairs

Item #524 SOLD

Fantastic pair of restored French club chairs. circa 1940's. Meticulous detail went to recreating the leather treatment, these chairs are small in scale, but have a full seat. Nice mohair seat, distressed leather, looks like it is 70 years old, but in perfect condition.

Item #494 SOLD

Four cocktail chairs. 32" tall, 19 ½" wide, 17" deep.

Item #488 SOLD

Two gray chairs. 40" tall, 28" wide, 25" deep.

Item #485 SOLD

Brown mohair sofa and chair set. Chair: 35" tall, 38" wide, 38" deep. Sofa: 35" tall, 83" wide, 38" deep.

Item #474 SOLD

Very unique pie shaped bar stools. 16" deep, 14" wide, 34" tall

Item #473 SOLD

Great red vinyl chairs. 30" deep 25" wide, 31" tall

Item #471 SOLD

This very nice cozy corner is great for a family room or a den. The very handy shelves and cupboards are perfect for storing books. 47" deep, 104" wide, 45" tall

Item #462 SOLD

Beautiful burgundy mohair and leather sofa set with 2 chairs. This gorgeous set will warm up any living room. Couch 74" wide, 33" tall, 36" deep. Chairs 35 ½' wide, 33" tall, 36" deep.

Item #458 SOLD

Four side chairs made of leather and mahogany. Perfect for any dining room table or on the side of your favorite room. 23" Wide, 32" Tall, 22"Deep

Item #453 SOLD

Two very unique, French 1930's, satinwood and suede low club chairs. The curved styling of the arms and the overall unique styling of these chairs give them a place in deco history. 28" Wide, 35" deep, 26" tall.

Item #451 SOLD

Beautiful red mohair art deco living room suite. With a slight hint of Chinese styling, this set is sure to make any room livelier with its unique style. Chairs: 28 ½" wide, 36" deep, 30" tall. Sofa: 30" tall 36" deep, 69" wide.

Item #446 SOLD

A pair of beautiful Hungarian 1930's lounge chairs. These chairs have thoughtful styling as you can see in the three-tiered arms. 28 ½" wide, 32 ½" tall, 33 ½" deep.

Item #441 SOLD

Gorgeous French club chair from the 1930's, with a fantastic beige fabric. The vertical pattern weave in the upholstery is sure to brighten up any room in the house. 30" wide, 31" tall, 32"deep.

Item #440 SOLD

Beautiful late 1930's Wurlitzer Butterfly grand style piano. This is an American piece in excellent original condition. This is a great piece for the musician in the family or just to be admired in the corner of the living room. 37" tall, 55"wide, 48" long.

1930s Deco Style Bar Stools

Item #439 SOLD

New 1930's deco styled brown and white leather bar stools with perfectly chromed accents. These chairs have nice deep cushions and are very solid. Perfect for party gusts to sit comfortably around your bar. 14 ¼" wide, 32" tall.

Pair of Over Stuffed Club Chairs

Item #431 SOLD

A pair of beautifully matching off white, over stuffed club chairs, with nice wood accents on the front of the arms. These are very comfortable chairs perfect for relaxing while reading the evening newspaper and sipping a perfectly poured martini. 39" wide, 29" tall, 31½" front to back.

Item #424 SOLD

Pair of cream leather chairs with French polish wood frame. Leather has nice hammered stud detail around the leather.

Item #420 SOLD

Great looking curved sofa 2 pc in Tan/green mohair. Very unusual piece great conversational sofa.
96" at the widest point and 34" D.

swivel chair

art deco chairs

Art Deco Swivel Chair

Item #409 SOLD

Here is one of the most successful chairs we have ever shown. They are fun, they are comfortable, they are inspired from the high art deco period. They work great in pairs or groups of 4. Great to sit around at the end of the day with friends and have a cocktail. People love to swivel and you will love them. "I guarantee it" Anyhow, we are now manufacturing them, you can pick your own fabrics and we even have some options with the wood treatments as you can see from the pictures. The dimensions are approx. 28" T X 28 " W X 28" D The seat is 16.5" off the floor.

Item #407 SOLD

Plywood, original Czech chair in beechwood color also available in black or red lacquer with or without arms, flexible frame makes it a very comfortable chair 1930s

Item #400 SOLD

Lounge chair with unique Giraffe print upholstery and bent wood arms, French 1930's
size 35"D x 29.5"W x 36"H

Item #397 SOLD

Cozy Corner from France 1930s. Lounge style sofa with built-in shelving, bar area, pull down secretary, and sliding glass doors. Spectacular burled walnut and unique upholstery. All in one piece not often seen.
size 104"L x 47"D x 45"H , seat 65"l x 24"D

Item #391 SOLD

Nice large club chairs in leather. Oversized.

Item #390 SOLD

Fantastic restored mohair sofa. A modernist design with nice walnut and maccasar wood feet. Beautiful arched wood back going all around. Very comfortable and the highest quality restoration.
68" W X 33" T X 33"D.

Item #389 SOLD

Nice leather restored club chairs, French circa 1930s. All rebuilt with new leather and restored wood on front. These chairs are small in scale but have a big look. Size approx. 28'D X 29" T X 31" W.

Item #368 SOLD

Wonderful cream leather French club chairs. These feel like sitting on a cloud. The soft pillow shaped leather and wonderful wood front details set them apart from most typical club chairs. All newly restored.

Item #326 SOLD

Very nice modernist sofa with spectacular cubist wood treatment. This wonderful design lends itself to many styles. The vintage piece with wonderful striking wood veneers reflects a simple yet sophisticated style. The fabric is currently in a simple white silk. The size is 57"W X 33D X 27"T.

Item #321 SOLD

This is a fantastic pair of chairs, not the usual French club shape. Large in size and fashioned after the famous Ruhlmann elephant chairs designed for the 1931 exhibition on Colonialism. Beautiful restored chair with new leather, stuffing and all the oversized trim. Extremely comfortable. Size approx. 37" square..

Item #298 SOLD

Nice pair of French club chairs in brown and cream vinyl or leatherette! Nice streamline design with chairs in opposite colors. This is every detail.

Item #297 SOLD

A beautiful pair of cream ultra-suede chairs in wood frame with wood back. Beautiful dark rosewood. Very sophisticated chair, French made circa 1930's.

Item #296 SOLD

May I present one of the finest examples of Art Deco seating I have ever seen. This set has been lovingly restored to its original splendor. This is no common American suite, but a special custom designed set, maybe originally for a movie theater or some individual with sophistication and style. The fabric is all mohair which matches the original in style and also in color. The wood work is quite interesting in two tones of brown with great angles. The set has been restored from the frame up, so the wood has been refinished and all the stuffing, springs and inside have been restored as well. The color is a rich burgandy/plum two tone with a kind of grey/blue. The colors really compliment each other. There are built in arm rolls which also add to the stature of this wonderful suite. This set represents the glamour and style we call "art deco" and if you can just imagine sitting here at the end of the day, martini in your hand. I think it is the "cat's meow" (No furniture scratching cats allowed)!

Item #256 SOLD

Here is another 3 piece suite that has been saved and restored. The set is really over-the top. I've never seen one like it before. The customer bought it in England and brought it over to the US. Not only is marvelous looking but the settee part pulls out into a sleeper just like a conventional sleeper sofa. The back comes off and the metal frame pulls out. This set is about 85% original. Most of the red vinyl is original except for the cushions on the seats and the mohair on the front which was also changed. It looks great and has been kept mostly original. This is a set that comes around probably once and it was only my luck to be at the right place. Just sit back, have a martini, turn on your favorite music (preferably Sinatra) and enjoy.

Item #254 SOLD

English 3 piece suite 98% original. Here is a chance to have something that comes around about once every so often. After begging my upholster to take on this job, he finally said yes. We took off the original fabric, rebuilt, refinished and restuffed the 3 pieces. He then put back the original fabric which is in almost mint condition (can't believe it is 70 years old). The only thing new is edge fabric which is bound with this brown and cream design and in my mind better than the original.The chairs are now comfortable and so is the sofa which is also a reclining day bed. I am quite pleased in the final result and I am sure if you like this look, you will be quite pleased as well.

Item #253 SOLD

Very nice restored French club chairs. Small scale and size but a big look. New distressed leather, but very comfortable with that aged look but without the tears and unsupported cushions. Circa 1930's

Item #252 SOLD

Fabulous Czech cubist chairs with spectacular wood frame. In cream leather. This is a very special pair of chairs, extremely comfortable, well made, restored and unusual.
Not your average club chair that is for sure. Not huge in size but a large elegant look.

Item #251 SOLD

Nice small pair of French chairs in animal fabric. Nice shape and size.

Pair of Spanish Deco Chairs

Item #208 SOLD

Very comfortable pair of "Spanish" style deco chairs. In cream leather, 22"d x 29.5"t x 25"a Seat height 13" Tall.

Unusual shape and very special chair.

Item #195 SOLD

Beautiful newly recovered overstuffed chairs. Perfect and so comfortable. Nice soft fabric with a rose type pattern in a kind of taupe/grey finish. 36" D X 36" T X 40" W.

Item #166 SOLD

Deco Czech chairs, also known as "cocktail chairs" very comfortable in tubular steel designed around the 1930s in cream and black leather, new lacquer black hand rests. Very comfortable. Can be done in any color combination you like.

Item #137 SOLD

This is a very special modernist Eastern European sofa. The wood frame is extremely burley maple/walnut with a honey glow. It is very exaggerated grain. The sofa is veneered on all sides. The fabric is new "Art Deco" French fabric of the highest quality. The sofa is a dream and a one of a kind piece. The size is:80"W X 34"D X 31"T.

Item #136C SOLD

The same bentwood frames as 136 A and B, but in leather.

Item #136B SOLD

Great design in zebra fabric. 1940s Czech in all wood frame completely redone. Very comfortable.

Item #136A SOLD

Czechoslovakian chairs in original 1940's style bent wood, refinished with new Art Deco Belgian fabric. This is the most comfortable chair, sit in it and you will feel just great. Fantastic design and look, size is: 31T X 31L X 28W. Also could be made available in other fabrics and colors of your choice.

Item #136D SOLD

Here is piece that compliments this group. This was made to go with 136A, basically it is a combination of the pair of chairs. It holds up well and looks great together.

Item #135B SOLD

The perfect Corbusier style leather treatment, down to the buttons. Very comfortable one piece base mattress. A new addition. 1930's tubular steel Czech Bauhaus. Great piece.

Item #118 SOLD

Fabulous 1930s European bentwood chair with adjustable back. Newly reupholstered, refinished and re-nickled. Very comfortable and great looking.

Item #108 SOLD

Here is an outstanding example of American Art Deco. Imagine yourself, sitting deep into one of these chairs or sofa. You are sipping on a perfect martini, dressed in a robe and listening to Fred Astaire singing "Cheek to Cheek," (Heaven, I'm in heaven)! A spectacular 3 piece suite in fabulous colors reminiscent of the most glamorous period of the 20th century. The colors are vibrant, the main sofa and chair is a peach to rust/burgandy with a light pastel rosy pink on the sides. The sofa is approx. 85" long and 38" deep. The sides are beautifully contoured with a semi circular faceted crushed velvet style fabric to re-create the kind of mohair fabric from the period. 
All pieces are is capped off with a beautiful piece of mahogany wood trim to compliment the over-all look. The matching chair echoes the design of the sofa which is 40" W X 38" Deep. There is 2nd chair (maybe the gentleman's easy chair) It certainly does matches the set, other then the color which is light to deep blue, with the same curved treatments on the side. The back has a little different profile which is evident in the pictures. The size is similar, except that it is 2" taller than the peach chair and sofa. Let the pictures tell the story, but this set is the real special and very rare in this condition and style.

Item #138  SOLD

Very nice pair of modernist chairs. Walnut wood in a terrific original Maurice Dufrene fabric from around 1925. I was lucky enough to find this fabric years ago in France and was waiting to find its marriage to these two very nice chairs. The fabric is in perfect original condition and the chairs have been refinished.

Item #209 SOLD

Very nice American classic art deco sofa and matching chair. Nice two tone coloration. The set is in excellent condition with nice wood ribbed wood detail on all pieces. The color is most accurate in the close-up picture of the edge. It is green and not blue as indicated is some of the photos.

Item #142 SOLD

Nice 3 piece settee. Includes wonder French design with wood trim and ultra suede fabric. The love seat is approx.: 50"W X 32"T X 28"D and the chairs are 31" W 32"T X28"D. This is a classic Art Deco design with nicely finished wood trim.

Item #047 SOLD

Overstuffed Club Chairs
This pair of newly reupholstered overstuffed French Club chairs and a dream to sit in. The fabric is a brushed gray velour with light green piping. The style is high Art Deco and the pair is ready to find a home. Imagine, sitting in this with a nice chilled martini, you probably would never want to get up again!


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